PFam is Moving Again

Hi everybody. Seems like Sean P and I can never quite sit still … this time we’re going really far. We’re moving to Singapore in August. Never fear, we will return to Raleigh at some point in the future (we are keeping our house), but we’ll be in Singapore for at least a year. So starts an adventure of epic proportions! Not to say that no one else has come before us. Did you know that Singapore is home to more than 39% ex-pats? This should prove to be an awesome experience with many ups and downs, but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else in the world other than Mr. P.

Our good friend Patrice, who you may or may not know (but should get to know if you don’t because she’s wet your panties funny) from Hell & Heartaches, made the very good suggestion that Sean and I definitely have to blog about this. While we may not have all the time in the world for long form blogging and pictures … we can totally achieve some video blogs on the subject. With that, I give you our first, poor quality webcam video uploaded directly to YouTube from our hotel room at Wilmington, NC on the subject of moving to Singapore.

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Read on for answers to FAQ’s and our first poll: where should we live?
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Best of Trader Joe’s: Tarte d’Alsace

Trader Joe's French Style Flat Bread with Ham, Caramelized Onions and Gruyere and Summer Salad

“If Only I Was French I Would Eat Like This Every Day … “

… I heard myself saying something like that when I recently visited Paris (which, by the way, is very likely the best city on the planet—I care only a little bit that this statement sounds incredibly cliché). I also kept saying to people when I returned, “I feel like I’ve been lied to my whole life. Food in France is so, so simple, but everything is so fresh and clean (even when really rich), that I never had to eat as much to feel satisfied.” All of this made me realize that maybe not only have I been approaching food preparation completely incorrectly in the past, but that there was still a chance that I could correct all of this error.  read more Best of Trader Joe’s: Tarte d’Alsace

#Grateful100 – Day 18


Today I’m grateful for:

The Fatkini & GabiFresh

Being fat and plus size, or whatever you wanna call it, and also having a long torso (thank God I don’t have large breasts or this post might be a lot longer and a lot whinier) has meant that I’ve been destined to really not quite fit into any bathing suit for years. And yes, I know, most women hate shopping for swimsuits, but coming from the land of frump and “Oh my God … what is that weird skirt thing?” and “Really? That was the best fluck*ng floral they could find?!” makes shopping for a bathing suit a much bigger challenge. Pun intended. So today, I’m giving thanks and shouts out to Gabi Fresh and the acceptance of the Fatkini. That isht is here y’all.  read more #Grateful100 – Day 18

How to Have a Spring Yard Sale

Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

Spring Yard Sale Tips

Our neighborhood has a yearly yard sale—that means lots of deals all over our neighborhood! I was a late joiner to the event, but the day was so beautiful that I decided it couldn’t hurt to put a few things out while I worked on the porch. Sharing a few pictures of my things in this post, and below you’ll also find some of my big tips on how to make it all go smoothly. read more How to Have a Spring Yard Sale

#Grateful100 – Day 17


Today I’m grateful for:

Nutrition Experts

So there are a lot of things I’m good at (obviously, right? lol), but it turns out nutrition is one of the ones that I’ve gotten too much information on. I have been feeling not overwhelmed by all the information that I’ve gathered over 20 years of dieting (oh wow – first diet at 10?! Yeah.) … but I’ve been feeling the step that’s just beyond overwhelmed. The one where you consistently feel like none of the information that you have is working or getting you anywhere near being healthier, and you’re not sure of how long to stick with any of the information that you’ve been given because you don’t want to get any closer to feeling like crap. Enter: a nutritionist with really grounded views named Robyn who also blogs her own food intake. read more #Grateful100 – Day 17