Big Girls United Chameleon Collection Show

i had the pleasure of being invited to the big girls united (BGU) chameleon collection show, and BOY was it a treat. they really got it right with this collection. check out the photos below!

my favorite of the line is the purple dress with the train in the back. the harem pants were fierce, as well.

BGU is designed by tasha hill and modeled by her sister jeannie ferguson. this team has really put together something fantastic, and if you’d like to get your hands on any of the fashions, be sure to drop them a line!  BGU was created in the summer of 2002, and it’s a ready to wear collection that is trendy, contemporary, and stylish for curvy women everywhere. BGU is more than just clothes – the line is a statement that all women should embrace their size and body and work with what they’ve got.

L to R – jeannie ferguson, the sisters’ father, tasha hill, the sisters’ mother

L to R – model mia amber davis, nettaP

L to R – renee jennings, wilbur from sk wilbur, ashanti appassionista

i had a wonderful time, and i  look forward to many more amazing collections from this team!

jeannie ferguson on facebook

big girls united on facebook



  • Shaye0056

    Thank you for being one of the many driving forces behind the plus size evolution! You inspire me to keep my dreams alive!

    Warm regards,

    • nettaP

      aw what a nice thing to say!! thank YOU for your comment!!

  • miss tejota

    That purple dress with the train is amazing. I love harem pants, but I think it really only works well on certain body types. Unfortunately, mine isn’t one of those types.