The Sequin Jacket

i’ve already talked a little bit about sequins.  ok, i’ve talked a lot about sequins in the last two months, but i wanted to revisit the topic yet again to talk about how to put together outfits that are appropriate for tons of different occasions and include a sequin jacket or blazer.

the sequin jacket or blazer is the piece to buy for this season if you’re not going to buy anything else because it’s all you need to dress up your little black dress for a holiday party.  it’s all you need to dress up jeans and a t-shirt for a night out with the girls.  and it will keep you from catching a chill at the movie theatre on a date, at the bar with your sister, or hanging out at your parents’ house with the entire family on christmas afternoon.

this look is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit right after work.  change your work blazer to this sequin blazer, and voila – you’re ready for that holiday party.  and, if you took my advice about being sure your top coat is large enough to handle a piece underneath, you can just throw your overcoat on top of this before you go out the door. PS – don’t forget the black tights!

now, about that jeans and a tshirt look?  i’m taking it rock n roll with the blinged out, spiky bracelet and the gold details on the boots, but it’s made a little bit sweeter by the pink earrings.

of course, change the accessories, and you get a whole new look!  this look is classic with the pearls and the gold details. punch it up with a surprise on your feet!

Powder Beige Soft Matte
$650 -
Beige shoe »

LG Duchess
$448 -
Juicy couture bags »

ALDO Spaziano at
$80 -

here’s that christmas afternoon, hanging out with the family look.  you can hang out in sneakers, boots, fuzzy slippers.  depending on how hard you’re hanging.  stay comfy, and stay festive with your sequins!

Manitobah mukluks shoes GREY
340 GBP -
Grey boots »

Dannijo Loma stingray cuff
$300 -
Stamped jewelry »

Origin Beanie
$30 -
Slouchy hat »

and there you have it. the key is to not mix this item with something else sparkly.  i think the sequin stripe leggings are fine because the sequins are understated, but don’t pair it with, say, a sequin skirt, or a giant sequin bag.

how are you going to wear your sequin blazer?  and which one are you going to get?  i tried on the calvin klein blazer at macy’s the other day, and i LOVE how it fits.



  • Natalie

    Oh! I love the last sequined cardi! It’s a great piece! I have a sequined jacket that I just love! It’s a perfect way to spruce up a plain outfit!

    • nettaP

      i agree! i’m hoping to score one this season. my closet is already bursting though!