The Curvy Revolution Fashion Show: Lespinasse – Madame Couture Collection

some interesting evening gowns from the madame couture collection.

congratulations to the makers of the madame couture collection!

read my review of the curvy revolution here.



  • Allison

    Love this! I haven’t heard of Madame Couture before but it’s definitely something new for the plus size industry. Very cool!

    Thanks for reviewing all the collections–wish I could have made it there–damn schedule. LOL.

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

    • nettaP

      i’m going to update all of my picture posts with links to the websites of the designers, too. i just need to get them from my colleague. some of them are not google-friendly. ;) glad you enjoyed!

  • Madeline

    Netta, thank you for for doing full coverage of the curvy show , by far you are the only one who did . I wasn’t around to be interviewed by anyone due to being backstage it was totally insane but worth it. i loved how it all came out and got great reviews from everyone i got to meet at the convention.

    • nettaP

      thank you for your comment! i’m so glad that you enjoyed taking a look at it!!