Kmart Love Your Style, Love Your Size Review

the folks at k-mart were very kind enough to send me some pieces from the LYS collection to review, and i’ve tried them all on. here are two of the pieces that i tried:

they also sent a 3rd piece, but it really, really didn’t fit. the LYS line is definitely for women with an ample bosom. it’s not for us plus-size fashionistas who are a C-cup or smaller because there is just WAY too much fabric up there for some of the pieces to even make any sense for us. i did come up with a quick fix by using some sticky fashion tape. so if you just LOVE one of these pieces and must have it, then sticky tape will be your friend!

i LOVE the shorts that they sent. there’s plenty of room in the crotchal area, which, when you’re plus-size can very often be a challenge. no one wants to be walking around with weird things going on with the leg of their shorts. these are really comfy, and i love the sparkly gold band on the waist.

this is the dress that i was not long enough for in the top:



score the super adorable romper here:

and the shorts here:

all in all, i totally and completely respect what kmart is trying to do here. so mucho kudos to them for creating pieces that are super stylish for plus-sizes. it just so happens that their fit model is proportioned much differently from me, which happens sometimes! :)  again, the shorts were awesome. regular rotations in my wardrobe for sure.



  • Katie

    That romper is gorgeous! Kmart is really doing a great job – I’ve been loving a lot of their fashion pieces lately!

    • nettaP

      seriously! stay tuned for a post with the latest stuff in it!