Plus Size Round Up – June 29 2011


howdy doo ladies! the round up is my internet tv show where i share all the latest news from the plus size blog and fashion world. this week’s no exception! take a look at the video, and then follow the links below for more information on each item.

1. breaking the rules as a plus size woman – nicolette mason for refinery29 2. sense of fashion – the curvy fashionista 3. fffweek favorites and finale – the curvy fashionista 4. arturo rios, hat designer – curves and chaos 5. alexander mcqueen exhibit – curves and chaos 6. jill scott on the cover of billboard magazine – stylish curves 7. interview with jill scott – afrobella 8. panty by post – five favorite things 9. bra liners – five favorite things 10. convertible dresses – curves and chaos 11. white denim – five favorite things 12. summer time looks for the office – madison plus 13. le blog de big beauty outfit of the day – le blog de big beauty 14. gone to home depot ootd – god’s favorite shoes 15. cupcake nail tutorial – cupcake’s clothes 16. crazy ass earrings – refinery29

Sample Flash Sale Love


i try to stay OFF of the sample flash sale sites because it usually results in an impulse purchase that i probably shouldn’t make … but i’ve been perusing lately. which resulted in the purchase of a $1000 piece of furniture, which i guess i actually needed cause our bed has been on giant cinderblocks for the past umm since i moved to new york. but we won’t dwell on that any longer!

moving along.

rue lala is having a cynthia rowley sale today, and i’ve always dug her style. just wanted to share some of my favorite accessories.

i spy with my little eye the classiest sunglasses in a shape and price i love. normally $165, these studded little numbers come in a several different colors, and they’re in the super in style round shape that you’ve probably been seeing everywhere.

these two are my favorites out of the offerings.

also on rue lala today is juicy couture swim. you know how a lot of people talk about wearing things that aren’t necessarily meant for plus size women but that can still work? there are some pieces in juicy couture’s swim line that could definitely fit some plus size women.

i love this maxi dress called the “miss softee.” navy is such a classy color, and the stretchy bandeau top means this piece in XL would work for some women. this also comes in a pink color, and in shorter versions.

they’re also having a sale on some essential summer footwear like platforms and gladiator sandals.

the luxury rebel “dana” leather platform clog is a lovely $59.50, and it would work really well with that cover up and sunglasses up top!

have you scored anything on one of these sample flash sale sites recently? i got this pair of gold boots one time …

xoxo nettaP


Online Sample Sales for Plus Size


so you know those sample sale sites like gilt group, rue lala, and ideeli? well, now there’s one just for you and me! clique to know launched today. it’s just like those other flash sale sites – members only, but dedicated to plus size fashion (sizes 10 and up).

so, what’s being featured on the site? here are my fave picks:

rachel pally has ALWAYS been one of my favorite maxi dress designers because she really knows how to drape fabric, and the fabric is of high quality. this dress is dry clean only, but it’s 59% off at $105, and that’s a great deal for a rachel pally piece. slide over to clique to know and check it out!

rani zakhem rani zakhem rani zakhem! i love pretty much everything he’s created, and this bubble print jersey dress is no exception. this dress is also dry clean only, and it’s 50% off at $120. swing by clique to know to see what else he has on offer.

this poncho from t-bags is 60% off (yahoo!) and only $71. it’s also dry clean only (beware those fine fabrics – wait, is this made out of cotton? why dry clean only?). see the material up close over at clique to know.

i’m very excited to see what’s coming from clique to know. i’ve noticed that certain lines are only offering up to a certain size, so i’m hoping this website will show designers that we want a wide range of sizes offered. would it be possible to have a sample sale site that offered sizes 14 and up? also, will you be picking anything up at clique to know? what caught your eye?

follow clique to know on twitter here. sign up to be a member here, and receive a $10 e-card for a limited time!

xoxo nettaP


Catherine’s Has Free Shipping!

bejeweled tunic

catherine’s is offering free shipping this weekend for orders of $50 or more. totally recommend that you check this one out! click here:

and use this special code: SHIPW50CA.

here are my faves from their current offerings:

love this aqua bejeweled tunic. great color, and great look!


this one is a great look for work. love the studded details. sheath dresses always look professional, and you just throw them on and go!

this one’s a customer favorite, and for good reason! classic denim jacket. dark stonewash – love it.

and this skirt is actually a SKORT, but not what you typically think of when you think “skort.” this is their attempt to help you avoid chub rub by adding some knit shorts already sewn in. NEAT.

how classy is this textured bangle bracelet? it comes in gold, too.

which one is your favorite?

xoxo nettaP


ASOS Curve


mm how do i love asos curve? i sure do talk about them all the time, and i certainly wear their clothes all the time! so, what am i loving in their store right now? well … let’s just see here:

there is to be absolutely no hating on this asymmetric dress. it’s got a fitted stretch waist on it, it’s sheer, there’s appropriate pleating, and that color? oh … and the price. $38 bam!

also loving this jersey wrap top. jersey is smashing because you can ball it up and it never gets wrinkly (mostly). it’s also really easy to wear and comfy. this has draped pleating and little cappy sleeves, too. proper ruching gets them extra points!

this brilliant skirt comes in a few colors and also in stripes (i have the striped one, love it!). you can wear these at the waist or high-waisted. voila!

this maxi dress is on the fancy side. loving the print on this – very bold!

this little number would be great for a summer wedding. this dress is made out of cotton – so it’s breathable if you’re going to an outdoor event, too!

which piece is your fave, ladies?

and i get a lot of questions on sizing for asos. if you’re in the US, just be sure you look for the american flag up in the right hand corner, and you should be seeing US sizes in the drop down menus when ordering!

xoxo nettaP