netta covets: maxi cardigans

you’ve heard of maxi dresses, but what about maxi cardigans? i had one back in the day from lane bryant that had a sash at the waist, and i must’ve worn that thing until it pilled itself to death. nordstrom has this olivia moon maxi cardigan that might do the job. i’m not sure though. i know it would be super cozy, but the buttons don’t have me totally swooning. at $37.90 though, the price seems right!

it comes in black and grey, and they’ve styled it a few ways on the nordstrom website. what do you think? is a maxi cardigan in your closet’s future? it seems like something you’d wear every day during the season change or not at all.

let me know in the comments below – which model is wearing it best?



  • JNormann

    Buttons are easy enough to change.  A stop at your local Fabric Store or even a craft store sometimes can elicit a nice find.  Measure the diameter of the button that is on the garment already, then look at the package for a similar size.  Generally replace like with like, if the button has holes or is a shank button, you’re going to want to replace it with that.  Sewing on a shank button– I cheat, I don’t sew them on but use a fashion sized safety pin to hold them in place, If the fabric is a loose weave, a piece of tightly woven fabric square on the underside will help secure the shank button or if you are sewing on a button with holes. Generally, when sewing on a button of this type, I double up the thread, roll a knot at the end, then for each set of button holes, four or five stitches will secure the button for a long time, then I tie it off and snip the threads.