the meat hook

if you’ve known me for the 6 months or so, then you know that i won’t eat meat from anywhere unless i know that it was raised locally and humanely, and slaughtered in a way that’s as respectful as possible. i’m also really into eating locally grown greens and vegetables, and, if i can get away with it, cheese that’s from the hood, as well. that brings me to the lovely relationship that i’ve grown into with my local hipster butcher shop … the meat hook.

when i first went into the meat hook to find out what kind of meat they were selling, i’d been trying to eat vegan for a few weeks. and it was going miserably. well, i was miserable. i also wanted my boyfriend to be eating healthier meat as well. this all started with me reading skinny bitch and then ended with the documentary food inc. i’d been grossed out by the food industry before. having grown up going to my aunt’s house in lumberton, nc, right on the other side of the tree line from smithfield pig farms, i’m not really a stranger to the awfulness of the industry (industries?).

anyway, i mosied into the meat hook and asked them where their meat came from and how it was killed. straight up. and they straight up took me upstairs and showed me a slide show. seriously. they showed me the farms where the animals are raised and even showed me some of what the slaughterhouses look like. i’ve since returned to eating meat, but i won’t eat it unless it’s from the meat hook. this is probably going to cause me issues if i ever leave greenpoint, but it’s working for me right now.

i’ve since discovered that happy meat tastes much better, and i guess it’s better for you, i don’t know. skinny bitch was full of a lot of skinny shit that i just think is fodder for the beginning of nasty eating disorders. but it was also full of things that are rightfully true. the image of slaughterhouse workers jamming electric rods up the rear ends of terrified animals for sport probably won’t ever leave me. just like the idea of chickens living their entire lives without beaks or too heavy to support their own weight and walk because they’ve been pumped full of drugs. all of those things will stick with me.

and while continuing to eat meat is probably not helping me in my quest to lose weight and regain the ability to wear high heels every waking moment of my life, at least i’m voting with my wallet. i’m voting for no hormones in my food, clean water, fairly traded and farmed meat and produce. i feel like i’m voting for a better future, for me, my future kids, and yours. and while my mom thinks i’m nuts, my aunt probably won’t understand in the slightest, and my boyfriend is really proud of me for sticking to my guns, i understand this isn’t feasible for everyone. i mean it’s expensive and a little inconvenient. but it’s worth it for me.

what choices have you made, food-wise, to be healthier and work towards a better future?


  • Patricec

    Love the new look! Not close enough to the meat hook (we have Fleischers on this side of town) but it’s an amazing place. I’m not at the point of local meat, but I am most def making sure the meat I eat is hormone free at the very least (damn my need for bahn mi once a month or I’d be at 100%)