Plus Size Round Up: The Top 6

i’ve decided, after a long hiatus, to bring back the round up this week with a top 6 list. let me know what you think!

1. full figured fashion week – top indie designers @ the curvy fashionista

2. trends – neon @ madison plus
coco perez tv

3. swimsuits just for the plus size bod – dramatis personae 
swimsuits on the xoxonettaP shop

4. outfits of the day – gabi fresh in pastels
pocket rocket fashion in lace florals
stylish curves in a floral dress
gabi fresh in a look inspired by marc by marc jacobs with sneakers

5. dear curves @ stylish curves
shop at xoxonettaP

6. memorial day sales @ the curvy fashionista 
city chic sale @ lips hips & fatshion tips

  • Cyndi

    Yay! So excited that you’re back with the roundup. Good stuff girl.

    • nettaP

      thanks cyndi – it’s always great to get support from y’all! let’s me know that i should keep at it!

  • Mel

    Ah! I’m so happy that you and the round up are back! Yay! I’ve missed your fun insights in these videos. 

    • nettaP

      woo hoo! thanks for the warm welcome back mel! are you subscribed to the channel?

  • J C R 8487

    I’ve missed you and it’s nice to have the round up back

    • nettaP

      aw thanks. :) tell a friend! i’m trying to get that viewership up!! what do you think about the location i’m doing them in now? i’m thinking of moving back to the couch. it seems to have better lighting up there.

  • Rachael Perkins

    I missed your posts too! Really good to have you back and thank you, thank you, thank you for the fab round up! I love getting new ideas. Any thoughts on summer dresses for a dinner time tea party with champagne event?

    • nettaP

      i’m so glad that you’re glad i’m back! there are some SUPER cute dresses that would be perfect for that kind of event out right now. i’ve done a few posts on dresses recently, but i would recommend checking out the dress shop right here: