Street Style: Paige from the G Train

i see ladies with fantastic style all the time on my commutes to and from work. today was no exception. i’ve decided to be bold and start approaching some of them to snap their pictures. i feel a little bit creepy following them as quickly as i possibly can but not too closely until we get outside. it would be weird to ask them before i get off the train, right? i want to get them in the best light possible (which would be outside).

anyway, i digress. i caught paige on my way home from work today on the G train. i stopped her on the stairs on our way out of the nassau station and told her that not only did i love her dress, but i respect her hair. i don’t know how the hell she gets it to stay looking this fly when it’s as humid out as it was today.

paige – YOU’RE SO FLY! also, i’ve determined i need to finally get some moo cards with my blog’s information on it. i’m off to find my boyfriend to help me design some. in the meantime … let us marinate on paige’s fly-osity. yes ma’am.


  • Mel

    Wow, that dress is seriously awesome! I can’t believe she can stand to have her hair like that in this weather, more power to you Paige!