Plus Size Shopping at Bloomingdale’s

bloomingdale’s is hands down one of my most favorite places to shop. almost everything i’ve ever purchased at bloomingdale’s has lasted for years, which is why it’s important to understand the quality you’re getting when you pay a higher price.

another thing to know about bloomingdale’s is that they have phenomenal sales. i even have a sales lady named fanny who pre-sales things for me (as in, they tell me they’re having a sale in a few days, give me the sales price, and then i come back and pick up the items after they go on sale). that’s good service! and that being said, they have REALLY good sales.

between june 11 and june 15, they’re actually having a private sale, and i’ve got the links that will get you there!

click over to bloomingdale’s to get 20-30% off women’s fashion. 30% off regularly-priced pocketbooks and an extra 40% on already-reduced pocketbooks. and 40% off women’s shoes and sandals.

now, what would i buy while i’m there?

the love ady flare short skirt is lovely. this could be a staple in your summer wardrobe for sure ladies. click over to bloomingdale’s and search for the skirt!

these blouses would be phenomenal for work this summer. they’re breezy, easy to throw on with a pair of white pants, bermuda shorts or cropped pants, too. the blue one is by karen kane. it’s called the passementerie scarf top. the multi-colored button down is by calvin klein (one of my faves for work clothes! always professional and helps you look well put together). it’s a roll sleeve tunic. here’s that link to bloomingdale’s again!

the very, very on trend striped tank dress from love ady comes in two colors – neon and a beautiful blue. this could also work for work and then into evening. bring a little blazer or cardi to work and throw it on, on top, with a little skinny belt right at the waist where this dress nips in. perfect!

it can be hard in the summer time to stay cool without wearing a dress or skirt every single day, but i actually advocate wearing shorts to work on occasion. just be sure you have on a professional top and a blazer to bring that structure to your outfit if you work in a corporate environment or need to take it a step up. both of these short options would work well for a summer work outfit. the ones on the left are lafayette 148 new york relaxed shorts, and the ones on the right are lauren by ralph lauren hudlah slimming fit bermuda shorts (phew. that is a NAME.) find them on sale at bloomie’s here.

speaking of blazers, i love these both for the pop of color they offer. these would go great with the skirts, the dresses, or the shorts above, with very simple tops underneath if you are matching with a bottom. the orange blazer is the love ady short blazer, and the pink one is the lauren by ralph lauren stretch cotton sateen jacket. that monogram is unmistakeable, and you’ll definitely look upscale and worthy of a large paycheck in that blazer. bloomingdale’s really provides you with a look that will help you feel confident, project that confidence, and look well put-together.

i thought i’d throw in some pretty dresses here at the end, as well. i have the calvin klein leopard jacquard shift dress in black and grey. i think it’s divine in white, and since it’s after memorial day, no matter what fashion rules you follow, you’re totally in the clear. this is a dress with structure that is for the woman going somewhere professionally. the dress on the right is for that same woman who’s going on a date. HOT. the t bags scale print maxi dress is beautifully draped and is a pullover. this is one you can ball up and take on vacation with you, too (although i’d fold it … let’s be honest). bloomingdale’s means spending a little bit more money sometimes, but it means looking like you know you look good.

has anyone had a good or bad experience at bloomingdale’s as a plus size shopper? i simply love it.


  • Teresa

    I didn’t know that Bloomie’s does that pre-sale thing! What a great option.  I love your picks, especially the flare skirt.  Thanks for the info.  Happy shopping ;)

    • nettaP

      thank you! what are you writing about on your blog? some of those recipes look super yummy!!