Debenhams has CUTE Designer Purses & Handbags

i’ve shopped at debenhams before, and i know tons of you have, too. but i’ve never shopped their for a purse or pocketbook or clutch or anything. that’s all about to change. not only are many of the bags they have super chic, they’re also not crazy outrageous expensive. you can tell they’re probably well-made for the amount that you’re spending, too.

now i commute by train or by riding my electric bike every morning, so i love a cross-body bag. i looked at those first:

this white quilted cross-body bag looks like it could be chanel’s cousin. it’s on the smaller side, so you won’t be putting your ipad or laptop in here, but it’s got plenty of space for your phone, wallet, keys, tissue, lip gloss, blotting paper, and maybe a flask if it’s going to be that kind of night. not that i’ve ever done anything like that or anything … it’s about $36, btw.

i also love something that’s perforated. and i love something that lets me thrown anything and everything all in one bag. this cream cross body bag has a dual compartment – and that can often make it a lot easier to organize what’s going on in such a big bag. i’ve always got way too much in my bag to really wear it with the shorter straps, but if you don’t have a ton of stuff in there, you’d look chic with it just slung over the bottom half of your arm. this one’s a little bit more at about $86.

this one’s actually an award winner! that’s right, this black croc laptop bag won the conde nast 2011 innovation and design award. can you imagine if your laptop bag was an innovation and design award winner? crazy! this one’s about $85 after the exchange rate is done with you. this one LOOKS a lot more expensive than it is.

here’s one that’s on sale for those sale hunters out there. (yes, i see you!) this one’s got such a great print on it, and it’s roomy, too, so you can fit everything in. it’s half off and $38. this would be so good to take to the beach or something, right? it’s trimmed in leather and has some metallic accents in there, too. this purse would bring some excitement to ANY bland outfit that might need to be punched up a bit.

you’ve met the cambridge saddle bag in neon colors. now meet this green satchel with zippers. sophisticated and gives off that school-girl vibe, but also super chic if you’re going into an office. i like this shade of green, too. it’s almost like a neutral because it’s not super bright, so you could potentially carry this in your regular purse rotation. $45, and debenham’s has great sales on purses and pocketbooks.

this orange color block clutch is giving me some kate spade vibes. i think it’s that little fastener in the middle. debenham’s has some great little clutches in their purse and handbags section, as well. this one’s about $24.

who’s in the market for a new pocket book? let me know if you find anything you love at debenhams!


disclaimer: this post is sponsored by debenhams. although this post is sponsored, the above is my true and honest opinion.