Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – Level 2 Day 8

soooo jillian michaels kind of makes me want to gouge my eyes out these days. i’ve been working out with her for 18 days straight, and i can no longer actually listen to her speak. i watch the dvd on mute or i actually play it ON my ipad while i’m watching the olympics. yes, you can watch and workout with jillian michaels for free with youtube. seriously. here are links to watch all 3 levels for free.

level 1
level 2
level 3

so in this video i’m talking about what’s it’s like to have been doing jillian michaels’ 30 day shred for 18 days straight. i’m definitely getting a workout, and level 2 makes me feel like i’m going to throw up at the end of it each time i do it. it’s getting easier to do, much like level 1 did, and i’m a little nervous about leveling up to level 3. who knows how scary that one is. a friend of mine told me that “things get a little squirrely with the abs in level 3. that’s all i remember.”


if you want the DVD version, you can buy it on amazon here.

heart rate monitors

curious about heart rate monitors? i use the polar ft60 in purple. and i should’ve just gotten a cheaper one, because all i really need to know is how many calories i’m burning each session, but, of course, i went all out. if i had to buy again, i would’ve gotten a cheaper version, for sure. there seems to be some consensus that polar is definitely the brand to go with. one thing i didn’t understand when i ordered it – it still doesn’t sync with your computer automatically without buying another add-on piece of hardware. which i find to be very annoying because i want to import everything to my computer, but i don’t really think i should have to pay $250 total to do it. (yes, i’m exaggerating … but i’m dramatic. kay.)

dumbbells aka weights

i alternate using 3 lb and 5 lb weights that i got at the fanciest of sports stores – tar-jay. i already had 8 lb weights in my arsenal (which have gone mysteriously missing, but that’s okay because i’m not trying to DIE while doing jillian michaels 30 day shred). you can get a set of all 3 at amazon with a little stand right here.


starting measurements (i think – it’s really hard to measure yourself in the exact same spot every time. sometimes i get wildly different measurements, but i’ve lost something. cause my clothes are fitting much better!)

i took these measurements on 7/13/12:

right bicep: 13.5″
waist: 47.2″
hips and butt: 49.8″
right thigh: 26.5″
weight: 232

i took these measurements today on 7/31/12:

right bicep: 13.5″
waist: 46″
hips and butt: 49.5″
right thigh: 25.1″
weight: 233.3

as i said – measuring yourself properly each time is a challenge. anyone have any tips on how to do it better? i’ll just be over here searching on youtube.