Marisota has Major Plus Size Jeans

hunting for the perfect plus size jeans can be such a huge pain in the you know what. it used to be we didn’t have many options in terms of styles, fit, colors, pricing, but now retailers are really starting to get the drift that we want some serious diversity in plus size clothing – plus size jeans included! i have never shopped at marisota before, but i always love welcoming new retailers onto the scene who have something worth checking out, and they certainly have plenty of plus size jean options to choose from!

my favorites are the slim legs that they offer in multiple colors:

this style comes in black, grey, bright yellow, coral, peppermint, blue, and lilac (and a few others that i haven’t captured here!) they also come in a multitude of lengths, so if you’re petite, order a petite size, if you’re tall, order a tall size. they actually tell you the number of inches that the jeans are, as well, which is a HUGE help in trying to size correctly when you’re ordering over the internet. 27 in – 33 in is a wide range of lengths, ladies! and they come in size 14-32 (UK). they’re not trying to leave anyone out in the cold here!

if you’re totally not into the slim leg, then they have wide leg plus size jeans, too! i love the wide leg look with a wedge, like they have here. these would totally work for the office if you don’t work somewhere that requires a suit every day, too.

these plus size jeans are super, super wide leg. they’ve got a little pinstripe-type fold down the front of the leg, too. these are so wide leg that they’d probably be better with a more casual look. they’re super 70′s-eque!

if you want something that’s more in the middle and not quite so extreme as a super wide leg or a super skinny jean, then there’s always the good ol’ standard bootcut right? they have a special kind of jeans with a taming panel that’s designed to “make your tummy look visibly flatter.” interesting! i’ve never tried the wow tummy tamer jeans, but according to most of the reviews people are really happy with them. would you give these a shot? or are you less concerned with your tummy and more concerned with cool-looking jeans?

do you have a jeans brand that you’re completely loyal to? or do you pick and choose because every pair just feels different? i’m hoping to try out marisota soon and let you know if they’re my new go-to for plus size jeans!


disclaimer: this post is sponsored by marisota. although this post is sponsored, the above is my true and honest opinion.