Plus Size Shopping IN Target

have you been shopping at target, actually inside the store, lately for plus size stuff? i had kind of given up on it cause the last few times i’ve been in there in NYC, it’s been incredibly lame. now, there’s nothing quite like going to target in the suburbs, but i visited target in harlem recently, and i was stoked to see that the plus size section has not completely bit the dust. unfortunately, they still don’t have all the things in store that they offer online. in fact, i think the cuter online stuff just isn’t in the store for some reason.

it wasn’t the most innovative stuff they’ve made – and target never’s been known for that in their plus size section, but it appears to be an improvement over what’s been going on in their plus size section for the last few seasons. i really wish they’d give us something to try on other than crazy ass prints on a maxi dress or skirt in jersey fabric … but it’s nice to know they haven’t completely dropped the pure energy line out of their in-store experience (at least at some targets).

i also liked seeing that they were offering some less-than-tired prints on the bathing suits they had in stock. still only tankinis and weird 2 pieces with little skirts … but again, progress has been made in the print department here. okay, let’s move on to some other pieces they’ve got in the store.

this is that maxi dress print thing in jersey that i was talking about. they do this every summer season, i feel like, but the blue, green and yellow print behind looks attractive. i understand why they do this – jersey maxi dresses tend to work on a wide variety of body shapes, the fabric’s not too expensive, and they’re super comfortable even when it’s hot. simple to put them on – you don’t have to worry about matching pants and a shirt, and you can dress it up, somewhat, with a blazer.

they’re also trying with the colorblocking here. this is a standard looking piece that you could wear in a wide variety of situations.

i like the dress on the left – it’s got a zipper up the back. that’s the most innovation that i’ve seen in this pure energy collection, but they’ve done this one before, too. i guess they know their target, and i suppose this stuff must sell well otherwise they wouldn’t be repeating it. i’d like to see them do a sheath dress that’s a little more professional, perhaps, something that looks more like the designer collaborations that they do. maybe if they’d provide those in larger sizes? that would make me really happy.

how do you feel about shopping in the store at target these days? over it? still finding cute things?

i also checked out what they had online, and they were doing much better there – there’s a post coming soon with those picks. but i want to try these things on IN the store, dammit.