Target ONLINE Plus Size Shopping

recently i told you about my experience in-store at target and how i was happy to see their plus size in-store shopping experience hasn’t completely gone away. however, i still think the offerings are a lot better online than in the store. i wish they carried more of this stuff in the store, because they actually make some cute things for plus size. i don’t really love the pure energy line because they never try anything crazy with it. they don’t give us those designer collabs in plus size (which i am always, forever and ever mad about). it’s just a little bit more fabric people! 

i think this dress, by mossimo, for example is a little bit more innovative. it’s an easy $24.99, the print is pretty cool, and the chiffon overlay is a hi-lo hem. this is cool target. this is actually kind of cool.

this dress makes my skin crawl. it’s from the pure energy line. i hate the print. i hate the ruffle at the boob. i hate the elastic detail at the waist. i hate the brown and black and print together. i just hate it. i think this dress looks cheap. i mean, i know it is cheap at $27.99, but the cheaper dress at $24.99 above will look so much nicer. i just kind of feel like, no i strongly feel like – please stop making ugly ass crap dresses, target.

and let’s move on to their inclusive stuff. this is really kind of cool. target has some dresses that are actually inclusively sized. that is, you can buy this dress (in a wide variety of colors) in size 2 to 28W. this is target’s version of a bridesmaid dress. there have been some negative reviews that the zipper breaks, and it retails for $69.99. and the colors they offer are great, too. orange, a pastel blue, a lovely green color, a pink, a wine color (burgundy), and a dark purple. nice, target. very nice work.


  • Tamara Cosentino

    God bless you Netta P! WOW! Finally there is someone out there who feels the same way I have been feeling for years! I really hate that even now, plus size retailers/designers think we just LOVE all that ugly matronly stuff! Can somebody make me something that looks just like the stuff I see in Vogue, cause that’s how I like to dress! SMH!

    • nettaP

      totally! i am like come on y’all. i don’t want this crazy ass print. i don’t need that in my life!

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