WORKOUT: Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred Review

we’ve been over previously that i try to work out on a regular basis because it makes me feel good. and we’ve also talked about how much of the public seems to have this misconception about fat people … that we can’t or don’t work out. anyway, i’m trying something new with my workouts that i’ve never done before – i’m going to work out EVERY DAY for the next 30 days. it’s not a lot of working out each day, just 20 minutes, so it’s totally doable.

i tried doing P90x awhile back and failed miserably after only 3 or 4 workouts. mostly because it was incredibly challenging to the point that i thought i couldn’t walk some morning. seriously – it goes SUPER hard. after 3 or 4 days i hated working out and didn’t want to do anything but lay down and be still. that’s not the way i like to feel … so of course i didn’t continue with it.

i’ve been seeking out a new regular workout casually. i used to dance several times a week, but my foot has really been bothering me, and i haven’t been able to get to dance class in the city as often as i’d like to. i’ve been kind of bored with the zumba workouts that i’ve done on my xbox kinect. but i’ve had this HUGE pack of jillian michaels workouts sitting on my shelf for over a year. i never busted them out because i’d always heard how much jillian michaels is a torture demon. well … i busted out the 30-day shred yesterday. her OG, original, kick your ass workout.

i popped it in the dvd player and turned it on, did the workout, and i discovered that she’s really not bad. i don’t feel tortured at all. in fact, along the time that she announces in the DVD, “i know you’re dying right now. i know you want to quit. but we don’t quit at the finish line – we keep going!” i’m thinking to myself, “uh. no. actually now i’m ready to jump as high as i can and run for 800 million miles.”

  1. i don’t hate jillian michaels.
  2. the 30-day shred is not bad at all. in fact, i would call it unexpectedly easy to complete.
  3. it’s only 20 minutes. seriously. a 20 minute workout.
  4. you will be very sweaty.
  5. you will be minimally sore. you won’t think you’re dying, but there will be that underlying, satisfying soreness that comes with a workout that’s hitting the spot just right.
  6. you will feel STRONG. if you do this workout in the morning you will definitely feel a difference – you will feel AWAKE and ready to attack the day. in fact, you might find yourself becoming a morning person. not a pop out of the bed with sunshine coming out of your hiney kind of morning person. but a well … i’m awake anyway i might as well get up and workout kind of morning person.
  7. get ready to hear about my measurements once a week.

here are my starting stats:

anyone want to do this with me? you can get jillian michaels’ 30-day shred right here.

just to be extra, extra clear. this is not about losing weight. i’m not concerned with that number. i like working out because i like how i feel half way through (ok, towards the end when it comes to jillian michaels 30-day shred). i like how i feel afterwards. i also like strong muscles and how my body is shaped, and working out keeps it that way! go body go!

physical issues that i have:

  • knee problems – i’ve had meniscus surgery on my left knee and i have meniscus issues in my right one. you know that grinding noise you sometimes hear when you go up the stairs? or maybe it sounds like a popping noise? that’s your meniscus. it’s really common to injure this if you’re an athlete or a dancer. incredibly common. and incredibly annoying if you want to keep being an athlete or dancer. take care of your joints.
  • foot problems – i’ve got some kind of nerve problems in my foot that are still not totally and completely solidly diagnosed by my podiatrist. sometimes he thinks it’s a morton’s neuroma. sometimes he thinks it’s metatarsalgia. i don’t know what it is but it’s horrible. when i walk or wear a certain kind of shoe, i get this horrible stabbing/burning pain in the ball of my foot between my 2nd and 3rd toes. this injury came on suddenly while dancing on new years day in the mummer’s day parade in philadelphia. i still don’t know where it came from, why it happened, or if it will ever go away. but it has kept me from walking as much as i’d like to. i haven’t worn heels since december 2011 (tragic). and it keeps me from going to dance class.

i’m telling you about these physical issues because i want you to know that even if you have lower body problems or injuries, you can still work out. and the 30-day shred is an excellent introduction to working out, and it’s great for a plus size workout. i PROMISE you will hate it at one point in the workout and then be like okay. i can do this towards the end.

here’s how it works. there are 3-levels (1, 2, 3). you do level 1 for the first 10 days every day (yes, even weekends). then you do level 2 for 10 days, every day. and then you do level 3 for 10 days, every day. makes sense right?

also, i don’t use the hand weights yet. i’m going to get some 3 lb and 5 lb weights so that i can start using them at day 5, and that’s totally okay. you are still getting a workout by just using the weight of your arms. you can also used canned goods if you don’t want to invest in dumbbells. i do this workout barefoot, in a pair of booty shorts and workout bra. nothing fancy needed. hallelujah.

has anyone else out there tried the 30-day shred from jillian michaels?


  • Erika

    Glad to know someone else is doing/has done this barefoot!

    • nettaP

      i had to stop because my orthopedist said i wasn’t helping my nerve issues in my foot! :( now i’m back to working out in shoes. :(