Bras for Smaller Cupped Plus Size Ladies

**Editor’s Note: A reader pointed out that the Flatter Me Bra does NOT accept returns. I noted, incorrectly, in the video that I thought they did accept returns. Again, the Flatter Me Bra folks to NOT accept returns.

I talked about being a member of the smaller titty committee previously over on The Curvy Fashionista in this post. Now, I’m talking about it on video on Coco Perez. In the video in this post, I talk not only about the Flatter Me Bra, which was designed for plus size women with smaller cup-needs initially, but I also talk about some other options out there available for those of us who wear a cup size that’s smaller than a D. Is this an issue that you’ve been through?

I’m awaiting a bra to be sent to me from, which is another website that has styles available from a wide number of manufacturers. And, to be perfectly honest, I’m a little skeptical about whether or not they’re going to have what I’m looking for. We’ll see.

Bras on sale in a village market in the South ...

Bras on sale in a village market in the South of France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why am I skeptical, you might ask? Well. I’ve tried on a LOT of bras in my day, and it would seem that there are some retailers (cough … Lane Bryant I’m looking at you) that do what a lot of straight size clothing lines have done to their plus size versions of their clothes. They’ve sized their bras and created them based on a larger bustline. That is, the bra that I’m getting, at a 40B, is similar to the size that someone might get at a 40EEE, it’s just made with less fabric. That’s not great mechanics for someone like me. It leaves you with this gap thing going on in the top. That’s not cute.

I live for the day when I can go shopping at a little market somewhere, or even at Victoria’s Secret or EVEN in Lane Bryant, and find a bra that makes me go ah yes. This is the one I’ve been searching for!! Maybe my cup size just doesn’t sell well, I don’t know. I certainly never seem to see it anywhere though!

All of this was set off by my desire to have something hot and sexy to wear like my more endowed sisters. I was looking for longlines, I was looking for corsets, I was looking for lace and leopard print.

But most of all … you just look for things that fit. And then I found this chart on while investigating.

I mean this chart right here lets me know that something is amiss. Just like when sizing clothes … it would seem that some brands’ cup sizes are more generous than others. Then I found this post from Sweet Nothings NYC talking about conversions and comparisons of cup sizes.  She also found this chart from, AND she found a chart from

I had to investigate further. Mostly because I knew the bra industry saw some ladies as “petite,” and then some ladies as apparently un-braable. Leading me to believe that not all of these companies in this chart have a product that might work for me.

  • Itty Bitty Bra has the Flatter Me Bra, and they go up to a 46B
  •  Lula Lu Petites only goes up to a 38A
  • Mimi Holliday by Damaris has 40AA’s in some REALLY cute styles. Stay tuned for more on those.
  • The Little Bra Company appears to only go up to a 38A
  • Timpa Duet appears to only go up to a 38A
  • I’m not even going to tell you about Wacoal Petites because they … are not going to be helping any of us anytime soon
So … it looks like some of us will still only be left with a black and nude option in a bra that was actually designed for our cup size. The one coming in the mail to me from is by Amoureuse. There not in either chart – heaven help me.

I want to show you a few of the Mimi Holliday by Damaris numbers I see on their website. This might be a bra company I attempt to investigate a bit further given how CUTE some of these are.

[BRA 1] [BRA 2] [BRA 3]

Now that’ll confuse you. “Petite Plus Size Bra.” Well … anyway. I can get any of these styles in a 40A or a 40B or a 40C. I’m not sure if the matching panties will work for me or not (and those are SUPER cute, too), but at least I can get something I’ve never seen before. Something innovative. Something sexy. Something I’m excited to see! Hallelujah! So maybe this quest WILL end lucratively after all. I’ll report back soon.

What are your boobie woes? Do share, won’t you? This is a seriously irritating issue for a lot of ladies – where their cup runneth over or they have just a handful. We can talk about it in all sorts of cutesy manners, but I think this is a more serious issue for self-esteem everywhere. Just my two cents!


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