In-Store Shopping: Forever21+

I showed you what I found at Lord & Taylor while at the mall in New Jersey earlier this week hunting down Labor Day sales for plus size ladies … now I’ll show you what I found in Forever21. And man … did I hit the jackpot in there! From silken-type pants (totally not silk) that look like someone’s fancy-ass pajamas to a bad-ass leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders, Forever21 had something for every type of ass.

And the plus size section at the Forever21 at this particular mall in Jersey is fantastic. It’s huge. Biggest one I’ve seen hands down. Best stocked, as well. Although they were still missing a lot of these pieces in the size I was on a quest for … it was clearly laid out. I knew what was there and what wasn’t … which I appreciated.

This was the last one of these they had in the store, which indicates to me that it’s been around awhile. I think the reason is probably the same one that I’m asking in my question … to tie or not to tie. This item probably didn’t fly off the shelf, although maybe it did. It is leopard print and this IS Jersey after all. But I mean, it’s sheer, the tie doesn’t really add much … but I would’ve bought it if I thought I could wear something underneath comfortably. The pockets were also in a weird place. No weird pocket placement pls. They have a sheer beaded collar top available now that I would’ve bought had I seen IT in the store, for sure.

I’m feeling a little hot with Forever21. Mostly because they are like Lord & Taylor and they stock things in their store that you cannot buy online any longer. For instance, they have these tuxedo leggings available online in SMALLER SIZES, but they are not available in plus size. Why do you do that Forever21? Because, again, I would’ve bought these in a different size online if it had been available. But it is not. And on second thought … maybe I’m not going to be so mad because the longer I look at this picture the more it weirds me out that it looks like the side of my leg is naked. I guess I wish this was really more of a tuxedo STRIPE and less of a swath of fabric. They also have these in a “pants” style … but it did not fit well. At all.

Oh, little blue dress, I love you! They had this one in a larger size (YESSS) so I bought it. This one is available online, too. FYI – this one definitely runs small in the bust area. As I’ve mentioned millions of times, I’m not a busty lady, and this one was even too tight on me. Say what? Normally, Forever21+ is all about the giant bazongas, so it was refreshing for me to find a dress cut for me for once! WOO!

I’m not even sure I can discuss this item with you. This was the last one in the store, and it was a little bit too snug. I should’ve bought it anyway. Because guess what? You can’t buy it online. Mad.

Betcha can’t guess where you can’t buy this one? That’s right. Not online. They have a similar style dress called the Abstract Floral High-Low Dress, but you’ll have to hit the Forever21 store to score this specific print and style. I didn’t buy this one either because I’m insecure about the leg area JUST above my knees … don’t ask me why. There’s nothing wrong with them, I just don’t like to call attention to them because I think everyone’s staring at my crotch. Truth hurts.

Hey look gang! An item you CAN buy online that I tried on in the store. It’s another item that I bought and don’t need to buy online, however. Sigh. You can get this shirt in this beautiful pink color, a bright royal blue (awesome if you have the blue eyes ladies!), a red and a yellow. I bought it a little too big because it’s sheers and I want to wear something under it … plus I liked the feel of it in a bigger size.

PANTS. I spotted these wanna-be silk pajama pants and was so excited to try them on and bring them home because I already own a matching top from Lane Bryant in the exact same material from a few seasons ago. Here are some other printed pants that they have available online (again, you’ll have to go INTO the store to score these). So why am I so excited about having the matching top? Because I envision myself wearing the top and bottom together with giant shades and velvet smoking slippers and a messy top knot. I don’t know if I’ll ever get out of the house in the outfit … but I’ll feel extremely rich and important until then. Maybe.

Forever21 IS having a Labor Day sale online, if you want to take advantage. Buy one Get one free on some items. I recommend going into the store though because you never know what kind of fit you’re going to get with these pieces!

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