Labor Day Sales: Lord & Taylor

I went out to the stores during the week at the mall in New Jersey to see what was out there that would be on sale this weekend. If you’re hitting the Labor Day sales this weekend, then I’ve got the details on what stores to hit, what stores to skip, and which pieces to grab before they’re gone. I stopped in at Lord & Taylor first.

Lord & Taylor carries a lot of the same lines and pieces that you would find at Bloomingdale’s, and seeing as that’s one of my favorite places to shop, I was not disappointed at all by their selection of dresses (Ahem – they’re 30% off at that link).

 This one is from that Jessica Simpson collection that was much awaited. She did not disappoint. This one is a little bit big on me, but I’m still figuring out what size I wear right now – I’d say her line runes true to size. This is the Jessica Simpson plus size pleated colorblock dress. It’s on sale down from $148 for $103. Love the greys and the neon green and the hi-lo hem.

Favesies! This dress is totally my style. I’m awkwardly trying to show you the belt in both shots because that’s my favorite part. As you move with the dress, it peeks out and shows itself off. I love the colors of this dress. I was meant to dress in blue (although I often dress in black!). This one is also on sale for $103.49. It’s the Jessica Simpson plus size belted cap sleeved dress.

This one  is by Lauren by Ralph Lauren, and I can’t find it on Lord & Taylor’s website anymore (maybe you can?), but I did find a similar version on Macy’s website for even cheaper than the $74.98 that this one costs at Lord & Taylor. My mom totally would pick out a dress like this for me, and I can see why. I do look pretty cute! She would love this one, too.

Keep in mind that Lord & Taylor is also giving an addition 20% off of these prices in the store, so you can get some really great deals by going into the store and shopping. Scroll all the way to the bottom for the promo code to get a discount while shopping online!

So this one it would appear they’re selling for full price at Lord & Taylor (but you can still get the sale I mention below). However, you can also get it at Zappos for $89.99. This is the Tahari by ASL plus size Jeremy double-v matte jersey dress. And it is COMFY ladies. You can also totally reuse that belt on other outfits, too. PS – sorry I’m totally making a dork face here.

Surprise! It’s another Jessica Simpson dress! This one is for the super cutesy ladies out there. It’s got ruffles at the bust line, and an almost seersucker stripe on the bottom half. Again, this one doesn’t appear to be on the Lord & Taylor website (why do they do this to us??!), but it is available on

Yet again. Lord & Taylor’s online stock does not match up to what’s in the store. Anyway, you can also score this Tahari by ASL plus size Wanda (yes … Wanda) matte jersey dress at Zappos. You can tell by my face that I’m not so sure about this dress. Partly because I don’t think I have on the right undergarments, partly because this dress looks nicer on ladies with a more ample bosom, most likely, due to the cut, and partly because this dress just isn’t really my wild style. Na mean. If it is for you though, by all means take your hiney over to and get it on sale for $84.99. Free shipping both ways in case it isn’t your style either once you try it on! FYI – it’s cheaper at Lord & Taylor at $83.38 before their sale price.

So, I guess online they’re only selling this Calvin Klein button down plus size roll-tab blouse in black or red. I say boo to that cause this wine/burgundy color is the HEAT for fall. Okay – so it’s not an exciting neon color, but I hear that wine and burgundy is going to need to be in everyone’s wardrobe and/or it’s going to be all over the place. Whatever that means to you. Either way – this is a classy way to add it to your outfit. You can also tell by my face that I love a button down, and I love Calvin Klein. Yeah man. I look like I’m so struck by how good it is that I can’t stand myself. Really … it was just time for me to go to lunch. But I had to power through these clothes for y’all! One more item left.

Okay, so this is one you’ll actually have to go into the store to find, and I’m sure it’s there in their clearance racks for you. This is a maxi skirt that is the Lord & Taylor brand, it’s $47.98, and naturally not available online either. Damn you Lord & Taylor! Love that print. Pops of neon. Some burgundy. Yes!

Anyway, if you want to shop at home, get 20% off by clicking here and using the promo code LDAY. You’ll also get 25% off of clearance items. If you’ve got a Lord & Taylor card, you can get an EXTRA 10% off by using the promo code LDAYPLUS.

Are you going into a Lord & Taylor to do some weekend shopping?

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