Netta P Instagrammed

just wanted to share some of my latest instagram photos with you so you can see what i’m up to in that part of my life. it sort of gives you an inside peek on things, no? do you post on instagram? tell me your username in the comments! i’m nettaP. duh! :D

1. this is me getting “fitted” for orthotics for my feet. some of you might know about my trials and tribulations with my right foot. it’s been giving me trouble since new years, and i think a lot of it has to do with weight i put on after my knee surgery last summer. my feet got too fat for my shoes, but i kept right on wearing them! this squeezed my right foot (which has always been larger than my left foot) into some serious nerve issues. lesson: don’t wear high heels if they don’t fit good. and take care of your feet. let’s hope and pray that the orthotics make it better.

2. iced lattes. this is the summer that i’ve discovered iced coffee beverages. i’ve always HATED coffee with a passion. i had an iced latte with a client the other day and decided that it wasn’t so bad. i then had a second iced latte somewhere else with more stevia and more milk … and i fell in love. i now own a keurig coffee machine and have been drinking an iced coffee concoction of my own since. i’m also apparently very sensitive to caffeine.

3. this is the face i made when i discovered an amazing singing group … ninja betty and the nunchix. let me just embed this fabulousness for you, and you’ll understand why i’m completely obsessed with the group and its lead singer @lovenati.

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4. i’m so elated that my amazing ring is back from adina mills. a former coworker of mine dropped it on the floor a few months ago and broke the back of it. cue me crying in the bathroom. i saw adina at artists & fleas here in greenpoint/williamsburg in brooklyn and she was like OH MY GOSH i can totally fix that. and she did. and she sent it back to me. and we have been getting compliments together every time we go out together ever since. thank you adina! your jewelry is amazing. you’re so kind and awesome, and i’m so elated to have my big rock back in my life. want to buy your own adina mills amazing rock? check her out on shopbop.

1. my bestest friend emyJ and her mini me marlow. this was marlow’s very first ride in a convertible, and i think i had almost as much as she did. we went on a mini-vacay to my mom’s beach house in south carolina, and it was just what i needed. we had a long weekend of laughter, marlow opening all the doors on the cabinets (my aunt swore everything was baby proofed …), seeing my cousin, seeing my boyfriend’s cousin, playing would you rather?, and riding bikes around wal-mart like i was 10 again. team convertible.

2. nettaP has been working out. check the video review of being halfway through jillian michaels’ 30-day shred. it links out to all the different levels on YouTube so you can do the workouts, too! yes, i am plus size, yes i am fat, yes i work out. for all you haters. okay there aren’t that many haters who am i kidding haha. :D

3. hey girl – i like yo style. i love to take street style shots on the subway. sometimes i get the balls to go up to girls and ask if i can take their pictures, but i usually chicken out and try to capture it from afar. what would you think if someone came up to you on the subway and asked to take your picture for their blog? would it be weird? i have little cards i give to people sometimes when i do it so that they know i’m legit and not some weird creeper …

4. i had a failed visit to zara recently. i keep going in there thinking they’ll have something i can wear (because they sometimes do). the last 2 trips have been unhappy making. i really wanted this blazer … but he was too small for my shoulders. they just weren’t getting along. so i sadly put it back. love the understated little studs on the shoulders though, no?