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When I shared with you my Instagram photos earlier in the month, I got a great reaction! So, I thought I would share again so that you can see what I’ve been up to. Follow me here! What’s your Instagram name? Have you tried Cinemagram yet? From BlogHer12, to trying on ALL the clothes in my closet to kicking my scale to the curb, to showing you what it’s like to do Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred as a fat chick, to asking you how I should dress for a rooftop summer Friday party … it’s been a busy August!

1. This is what I wore to one of the first parties at BlogHer12. I believe in hot sneakers with dresses. Yes, I do.
2. My stop in Brooklyn on the subway! This is my hood.
3. This is what it looks like when you watch the sunset from the rooftop of my apartment. Gorg.
4. Someone gave me this little bottle of glitter at BlogHer12! I’ve been wearing it in a secret place ever since. Just as a little reminder of how much fun it is to be a part of the blogging community.

1. These shoes were at Stuart Weitzman. HOT. Would you buy them? You can online if there isn’t a store near you!
2.  I went to the opening of a new Ted Baker location on 5th Ave. in NYC. It’s in an old loft apartment. Wait’ll I show you the pictures! They’ve got such cute little looks and I’m loving the accessories. Ted Baker – can we get these pieces in larger sizes? Thx.
3. Love a little puppy on the subway. Adorable!
4. I cleaned out my closet. Tried everything on. I just wanted to see what fits again since I’ve been doing the 30 Day Shred! PS – I totally have to get back into working out every day. I’ve had a few days off! Oops!

1. My lights came! That’s why my videos have been better lit recently. Did you notice?
2. I kicked my scale to the curb.
3. Pretty morning glories in my backyard!
4. Polyvore is in the same building, nay, on the same FLOOR as my doctor’s office. HAH! I <3 NY sometimes.

1. See what I look like in the video actually working out to Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. This picture is what I look like after – SWEAT!
2. More pretty flowers in my hood.
3. Waiting for the 7 Train into the city.
4. This is what it looks like from the 7 Train platform looking into the city from Queens.

1. I really wanted to know if this bag was a yes or no. There was a resounding “yes” on Instagram. I spy with my little eye the bag online in white, black and red. Zing!
2. Converse has an interesting ad campaign running in the city. I like it. Cause I told you how I feel about sneakers. ;)
3.  Missoni’s David statue is taking up space in the Meatpacking District in his little striped pajamas. I spotted him on my way to a rooftop party at Le Bain at The Standard.
4. Last, but not least, I watched the sunset from the gorgeous rooftop of Le Bain. These ladies were watching out over the Hudson with me. It really was divine. And my outfit WAS inspired by one that I chose in this post where I told you about shopping for looks.

That’s what my life has looked like on Instagram! What does yours look like?


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