Plus Size Anthropologie: Part 2

remember a long time ago i told you about a store that carried things that looked almost like they came out of anthropologie? but they were available in up to size 3X? right – that was a store called ruche. i’m excited to find out that they now also have a bridal line and a line of dresses that would totally be awesome for bridesmaid dresses. (shouts out to ashe for the tip!)

snoopy dannnnnnce!

let’s start with their casual looks first that i’m feeling pieces from.

[pink and white striped peplum top] [sheer peter pan collar blouse] [navy and white striped dress] [blush colored skinny jeans]

adorable closet staples.

all of these would be adorable staples in your closet. i can see you wearing that navy and white striped dress to work with a blazer, to brunch with friends with a cardigan and belt, and then to the bar with a cute boy for drinks and maybe a little smooching. MUAH.

and that ballet peplum top. mm. yes. and don’t let your eyes deceive you – that’s a richly pigmented pink going on there, not red. and the little blue top is cute, but the peter pan collar is what’s really doing it for me! i love peter pan collars. and the blush jeans would be easy to wear with a lot of different colors … or no colors at all!

PS – none of these items above are over $45.

why should you buy a bathing suit or a little blue cover up dress at this time of year?

because there’s still time for you to make it to the beach … because the last 3 days have been so gorgeous and beach appropriate … because you’re still going to go on vacation when it gets colder where you live … because you love vintage inspired swimwear.

because this little blue dress is so simple the throw on. because it’s made out of jersey and also super comfortable. because it’s got an asymmetrical, hi-lo hem, and you still want to try that trend. because you can throw it over your suit when beach time is over and go have a taco at the taco stand. because you can hear the ocean sounds now.

[little blue dress]

[vintage-inspired red and white checked halter bathing suit]

vintage-inspired dresses.

i think this is really wear they’re excelling right now at ruche – their vintage-inspired dresses. the two on the left are in a style called priscilla. (bet you can’t guess who THAT style is named after. ;)) and the one on the right had me doing double takes with it’s peekabo type look. there is “flesh-colored” material under the lace that makes it appear the only part of you that is covered is a very small portion of your bottom half. oh my!

[pink houndstooth vintage dress] [queen of heartz vintage dress] [lace dress with beige slip]

who loves anthropologie style and wants to see more of it in plus sizes?


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