Summer Fridays: What to Wear To A Rooftop Party

One of my favorite things about living in NYC is the concept of Summer Fridays. Perhaps I’m a little naive when it comes to other locales, but we never had Summer Fridays in other places I’ve lived, and not every place I’ve worked in the city has had Summer Fridays either. I’m excited for this particular Summer Friday because I’m headed to a party at Le Bain at The Standard. That’s the rooftop bar with a pool that has seem some very naughty action in it, I’m sure, over the years.

I will not be wearing my fatkini into the pool tomorrow due to a strong desire to stay away from other people’s bodily fluids, but I have been thinking hard about what one wears to such a divine honorable pleasure as this one. I’ve rounded up some pieces and looks to inspire myself for tomorrow. I mean … I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard, but I have to look and feel cool. That means planning is a must.

To give you an idea of what Summer Fridays look like on the rooftop of Le Bain at The Standard Hotel in NYC, you can take a look at the photos from Urban Daddy who have chronicled one afternoon at this soiree.

Disclaimer: These photos were taken by another photographer, not by me. They were originally posted here. If you’re from UrbanDaddy and would like me to take them down, please let me know!

This just shows you the effortless cool this kind of event has, right. I mean these people don’t look like they’re trying … it’s like this is them. This is what they do. On Summer Fridays.

I’m having a, “I guess I am that person” kind of moment. Every summer needs one Friday, one weekend, really, where you just blow it out. This is gonna be it.

Of course, I’ll be Instagramming / taking some photos from the event. But I’m not sure they can touch these cause I plan on having too much fun to be taking too many. Lounging and watching the sun go down. Oh yes.

So, back to what I might wear. I love the BRIGHT COLORS of the young lady at the top. I know that look and that hair took some effort, and I appreciate it – it is gorgeous.

I feel like this blouse from Alloy, which comes in extended sizes is giving me that bright pop of color I would need. I would totally pair this blouse with a pair of jean shorts maybe?

These shorts are by Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, and they have been my go to staple this summer. I HIGHLY recommend them. They can go casual like to this party, or they can go dressed up with the right blouse and blazer for work. They’re also really comfortable and feel great when you slide into them. I recommend a belt to keep them tightly on when you’re on the dance floor! ;)

And if you’re not in the market for $54 shorts (and that’s on sale), then these shorts from Torrid will do the trick at $26.95. I can just see you and me on the rooftop sipping a Rum & Coke now. Mmhm. (Do NOT tell my Acupuncturist that I’m drinking soda. I will be in big trouble.)

Look 2 is still cool, but maybe a little bit sexier. Particularly if you’re really BOOSTING with this bustier something in particular. I have a similar style bustier-type top from Torrid that I might rock. And I think it would go great with a wide leg comfy pant like these:

These are also from Alloy, and they would appear to be as comfortable as PJ’s. That’s how I want to watch the sun go down! They come in grey and black. I’d wear them in grey with this bustier top and add some color with a simple knot necklace.

Maybe something like this one from Etsy? I’ve got a dip dye knot necklace. Hmm … I think this outfit might be coming together!

I also like this simple idea. Almost bare with almost no jewelry. This maxi skirt is from Alloy, and it comes in several different color stripes – turquoise, grey, black and white, as well as in a solid black. We’ve all got a little tank top in our wardrobe we could throw on with this, but I like the idea of the structured one pictured here.

These could work – the first one particularly with a plain black maxi on the bottom. Here’s the link to the pink one and the lime green style. I like the style of the first one and the color of the lime green one. Go figure!

So … which outfit should I go with? I’ll report back tomorrow or over the weekend if I survive all the cool that is Summer Fridays at Le Bain at The Standard. Am I cool enough, y’all? (I totally know the answer to that already.)


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