Fall 2012 Color Trends: Bright Chartreuse in Plus Sizes

Bright Chartreuse is certainly a shade that not everyone is going to look amazing in if it’s an all-over color. Those with beautiful chocolate skin will look great in this shade, however, so the pieces I’ve found that are main pieces will work really well for you. For other ladies who still love this bright color, keep your wardrobe fresh and updated for fall by adding it in the details. This shade is certain to show up in accessories, so keep your eye peeled. Is this a color you would wear?

This is the Fall 2012 Color Trends series, and you can check out the other colors I’ve covered so far: Ultramarine Green, Rhapsody, and Titanium.

This chartreuse raincoat from OneStopPlus could be a great layering piece. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the most stylish bloggers out there layering with fatigue jackets in colors like khaki and Army green. You can do the same with this jacket – which is in a similar style, allowing you to cinch it at the waist.

Another great way to get this color into your wardrobe is by accessory. This Chartreuse Gobstopper Pearl Bracelet by Amanda Pearl is vibrant, for sure!

This has a great print on it, but it features that bright chartreuse color down the center with a pop of color that will draw the eye up to your beautiful face. This piece would be phenomenal belted on top of faux leather leggings with some high heel booties. Sexy!

This khaki nylon jacket from Lane Bryant is a really nice surprise with its bright green zipper. It’s almost a neon instead of a chartreuse, but we’ll allow it. Great detailing Lane Bryant!

This top is in another super stylish trendy color for Fall 2012: Titanium, and it’s also got a bright chartreuse strip peeking out from the center.  It comes in magenta and bone, if those shades are more your speed, as well.

Is this on your list of must-have colors? Have you seen anything else out there that uses this bright shade of chartreuse green?


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