Labor Day Sales: JC Penney

I have always loved JC Penney. I grew up shopping there, I have found some of the best deals there, and I’ve got a ton of pieces from Penney’s that people always ask, “OMG Where did you get that?!” immediately upon spying my outfit. I have a theory, and I think the reason this happens is because a. a lot of people don’t even bother going into Penney’s b. they have a serious issue with rack appeal c. someone else should be dressing their mannequins. See what I scored in-store for the Labor Day Sale.

One thing that JC Penney has always been particularly surprising about when it comes to hey … I didn’t expect to see you in here factor is their jewelry. Neon jewelry is definitely still a hot, hot trend, and JC Penney is serving it up. They’re also serving up some very, very not hot jewelry … but that’s the gift of Penney’s.

You look past the not hot stuff and the hot stuff is right there next to it. You look past the gawdy, the bawdy, and the just plain good Lord no one would ever buy that, and somewhere mixed amongst it you find Holy Grail pieces that kick off your wardrobe for the rest of the season. Not to mention the prices are excellent, the quality is sometimes pretty high, they have a Sephora inside most locations, and they have some upscale designer partnerships going on. More about that in a minute.

These floral shorts are fantastic. You remember when I was telling your previously about how I envisioned wearing these silky printed pants that I found at Forever21? Well, I’m wearing these shorts in much the same manner until it gets too cold to wear them. In fact I’m wearing them right now! They’re by I <3 Ronson … which I have found a lot of success wearing even though the line is not intended for plus sizes. That’s another gift that Penney’s gives. Some of their lines are, shall we say, generously cut, and then again, even the ones that aren’t often have pieces that are made so that you could totally wear them even if they aren’t *technically* for plus size. Then again, they have lines like Worthington that I hate with a passion because I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to wear what they call an “18″ with a straight face again. The last time I wore their 18 I was a 14 in most stores. *Eye roll.* That’s another blog post.

I would call this dress a “Sweater Maxi” because the material is sort of a mix between terry and sweater material. That’s not entirely accurate, and I’m not sure if they meant this piece for summer, but it’s certainly too heavy of a fabric to really work in most climates for summer. I’m seeing this A DOR A BELLS dress with a blazer this fall. And maybe some flats or boots who knows – you won’t be able to see much of  my feets anyway. And I love the belt that it came with. I can double it up, I can wear it how I have it here, I can wear it with other things, I can wrap it fashionably. Lots of options. Oh, and this dress has pockets. This is also by I <3 Ronson.

That’s what I found for myself at Penney’s. They’re also having a Clearance Sale of magnanimous proportion for Labor Day. Get thee there and get to shopping ladies!


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