Labor Day Sales: Nikes & Sneakers with Dresses

It’s not really a secret that I have screwed up feet. I talk about my poor right foot all the time, and I pray regularly that the hurt will subside. It’s also probably not a secret that I’ve always been an advocate of CUTE sneakers with dresses. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it in a casual environment, and I’ve been getting away with it for years because I don’t care if anyone else thinks it’s cute. Don’t be scared to try something out just because someone else doesn’t have the guts to try it themselves. So, I went to Foot Locker to see what kind of cuteness they might have in store for fall that would go with some new dresses I’ve been eyeing. Here’s what I found!

These are the Nike Dunk Sky High platform sneakers in white and grey for women. There’s a concealed wedge in these jammies, and I swore the high heel sneaker would never be cool. They’ve made it cooler by NOT making a stiletto. Lord have mercy I hate stiletto sneakers. Anyway, I digress. This is another item I cannot find on … but I have found it at Finish Line if you are interested. They also come in purple and bright red colorways. I didn’t get these because I still have no business wearing anything with a heel … not even a sneaker. Sigh.



I love these. These are the Nike Fast Love Hyperclave high top sneaker. I found them online at Urban Outfitters, too. These come in this grey color, red, as well as a navy blue. I like them in grey because you could wear these with a lot of different outfits. In the end, I left these behind because I already have an overwhelming collection of sneakers. Maybe next time!

I eyed these, too. What a fun pattern! They come in this punch color, a  light pastel purple, and black with a yellow swoosh and blue laces. HOT!

So … do you wear sneakers with your dresses?

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