A Wardrobe Shift: It’s Warmer in NC

i just spent about 2 weeks in north carolina to train for my new job with this SWEET social media management software company called expion. (i’m so very excited about working there, but that’s a story for another post, although it’s closely related, okay moving on.) (oh, and bee tee dubs, if you work in social media or work for a really big brand, they might be interested in the tool. just get in touch with me, and i’ll be happy to give you the low down on who we’re good for, (we’ve been really, REALLY good for loads of gigantic brands, and we’re only getting better) and let’s see how we can help you.) ok so back to the wardrobe topic. *phew*with this new position, i’ll also be shifting my wardrobe. after having lived in the northeastern US (where is gets REALLY COLD and does gross things like snow on a regular basis), i’m no longer going to have to wear long johns in the winter, i can put away my extraordinarily heavy coats, and i may never have to wear a knitted hat again. my hair thanks me, but my wardrobe is a little sad.

the only reason i love a nippy day is the combo of a button-down and a sweater with a blazer on top. layering has become my go-to way of dressing over the years. you can get away with wearing a blazer here during the summer on all but the hottest of days. that is not so in the south. while we have central air conditioning, it’s challenging to dress for weather that is hot and humid much more often than what i’ve been used to for the last half a decade. so, i’m taking a look at other ways that i might dress more appropriately for the fast-approaching move and spring season. below are some thoughts on things i might put together to wear to the much more casual office i’ll be working in, for weekends napping in my backyard in a hammock with my dogs, and for running around at the state fair when fall comes back around again with my sweet man and my best friend and her baby girl (YESSSSSSS).

Things To Wear at My New Job – Casual, Maybe Still Some Layers, But Lighter Ones

raise your hand – who out there has made the shift from a formal office setting to one with developers in yesterday’s clothes and a team wearing jeans and t-shirts branded with the name of your company? during my time in NYC, i’ve worked in some fancy buildings – including in the legendary hearst tower that houses magazines like marie claire, cosmopolitan, and o magazine, joe zee, and dude … i swear i saw anna wintour today although she works for rival magazine group conde nast. NYC is a fashion capital, and the hearst building might as well be a hub for that capital. almost everyone who walks through the door is wearing something trendy, looking like they came out of a magazine themselves, or like they’re expecting a celebrity to arrive any moment. this is going to be a big change for me, because i’ve been wearing upscale brands and dressing like a boss. my look doesn’t quite fit in at the new office, but i don’t want to lose my upscale edge, either. here’s what i’m thinking:

Casual Work 01

jeans: this outfit features Not Your Daughter’s Jeans “Sheri” Skinny Stretch Denim Jeans, which are my favorite brand and style.  they’re coated, which is very chic. nordstrom also happens to have them on sale, in case you’re in the market for a pair.

top: the top is a twist on colorblocking but with stripes. loving the light blue, too. it’s from Forever21.

bag: so this is ridiculous. the price i mean, but it’s alexander mcqueen. if anyone’s seen a similar blush purse, holler atcher girl scout.

shoes: shout out to my friend @matthewknell for tipping me off to the colored soles and laces happening at cole haan right now!

bracelets: the glasses and the gold bangle (which reads “as good as gold” inside) are both by kate spade.

necklace: spikes! giving it my signature toughness that i love.


Casual Work Outfit Plus Size 2

skirt: loving this leather (it’s real!)-paneled pencil skirt from asos! i have a similar one from eloquii, and it’s also available in grey!

plaid button down: i love yellow for the upcoming months, and this plaid is doing it for me, too. think of this layered under the black sweater – so chic. and you could even maybe put a trench on top if it’s raining outside or a bit chilly.

black cashmere sweater: cashmere is a great idea to make yourself feel chic. and you’ll get a lot of wear out of this sweater for sure. and … i just can’t get away from the layer. this is so not going to work for summer time, but i don’t care. the look is chic dammit!

cross body purse: again, i’m going expensive with the purse, i can’t help it, they just look so nice, even if they are unattainable. maybe it’ll go on sale and show up at nordstrom rack or something.

flats: these flats will go with loads of looks – suede and clear pvc, bringing in several different trends all at once!

“pearl” earrings: $20 for faux pearl earrings

cuff bracelet: beautiful cuff by a british designer gives you a matching pop of yellow at the wrist.


Casual Work Outfit 03

striped terry tee: this is by ralph lauren, and it’s a “french terry,” so i’m imagining that it feels really good.

denim bermuda shorts / city shorts in coral: you kinda can’t beat the $15 sale price on these. they’re by avenue, and they’re denim, so they should last a good while.  you could pair the top with any colored bottom of any length and still have a cute look. in fact, this look would be really cute with a colored a-line / skater skirt or event a print skirt like this one.

gold lightning bolt necklace: this little 14K gold lightning bolt necklace adds a little interest at the neck without being too much with all the other prints and colors going on in this outfit.

heart flats: cute heart flats from alice + olivia

casual straw hat: this hat is from charlotte russe (super affordable), and it’ll lend a bit of casualness to the outfit.

pink and gold triangle cuff: this comes in a few different colors, but i love it paired with this other bracelet by tory burch (stacked).

white and green tory burch cuff: this also comes in a few different colors, but the details are classic and will mix well with lots of different kinds of outfits.

black quilted backpack: this is a versatile piece, too, and i love that it keeps the outfit young for my 20-somethings out there!

What are you wearing to work?

expect a few more posts like this in the future with more inspiration for work outfits for the warmer weather of the south. this is what i’m going to try out. can’t wait to see y’all once i get to NC! i think all of these outfits keep an edgier feel, are still a little bit funky and NYC, but they’re professional enough for the casual work environment i’m going to find myself in.


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