DIY: Craft Cabinet Closet on Wheels

i love to craft. hence … i have a lot of crafting “stuff.” i’ve coveted this martha stewart craft bookcase closet thing on wheels ever since the first time i pinned it. when we moved into our new house, i knew this would be the perfect time to try to build something like this on our own. previously, my crafts had taken over the entry way to our house, leaving the front door area smelling like dogs, looking like hell, and generally displeasing me every time i came home. it was time for a change. enter … the DIY craft cabinet!

first: the inspiration


because you know martha stewart be doing everything better than i can – the original inspiration for this project came from a project on one of her websites. pink, organized with gold piano hinges and matching accessories? holla back atcher girl craftin’ scout martha. oh – and there are handles on your bookcase? i see you.

*this bookcase probably cost more than my mortgage payment. i went with particle board from wal-mart. sry i’m not martha.


other good inspiration – feeling the use of neon here. love that this is fancy armoire business. totally stole the idea for holding the ribbon, too. thank you for the inspo. also noted: need a large workspace if i’ll be cutting any fabric. i noted that i might need to shift some of my plans. my table legs are definitely a lot less sturdy, but they work.


loved this one, too with it’s legs on hinges – definitely the advanced version of my tabletop (legs done, hinges done, everything did – you a fancy table huh?). maybe in the future as an upgrade?

onward. here’s how we built the masterpiece (shout out to sean-paul the super duper building overseer who makes all my projects happen!!)

DIY Craft Center Closet Cabinet on Wheels! Made with 2 bookcases from Target.

want to know how we built it? follow the steps below!

materials list:

  1. 2 5-shelf bookcases – we used these, available at target. they’ve got similar ones at wal-mart, too.
  2. piano hinges (we used 2)
  3. square of wood to use as the tabletop
  4. hinges for your tabletop
  5. screws
  6. industrial wheels and wheels with a brake
  7. 2 dowels to use as the legs
  8. braces or mending plates to stabilize the bookshelf
  9. handles
  10. latch

total cost: $149

bookcases: $30 x 2
handles: $2 x2
latch: $3.50
piano hinges: $15 x 2
t-hinges: $1.95 x 2
wood for tabletop: $15
industrial wheels: $3 x 6
wheels with brake: $3.30 x 2
dowels: $1.50 x 2
mending plates: $2.50 x 2 packs









voila! you’re finished. now you have a beautiful rolling craft closet / craft center on wheels that you can roll around the house, close up shop when you’re not using, and always hold everything right at your fingertips! i’ve been having extra fun at target finding little bowls and things to store some of my smaller craft supplies in. i also stole some of my boyfriends bowls from the kitchen (sorry sean).

what would you put in your craft closet on wheels?


  • Gabby W.

    Looks easy enough! Thanks for the tips! :D

    • nettaP

      Thanks Gabby! Come back and let me know if you build it! :)