About Netta P


if you’re new around here, hang around for a little while and get to know me better. i’m nettaP, and i write about fat, fashion and fitness, and some other things that might start with the letter “f.” this is the perfect place for you to find some inspiration, some truth, and some laughs.

my story

i’ve been fat most of my life, and that has been “my story” leading up until this very point that i’m writing this about section. it has ruled so many different parts of my life, and it’s something that i’ve come to accept and expect out of myself. this blog has let me express that in different ways – first through talking about plus size fashion and fat acceptance, and now through talking about what it’s like to have felt this way and how i might be able to change that story.

so why aren’t you just talking about fashion anymore?

i’ve always dealt with things best by talking about them, but i haven’t always been the best at talking about my own feelings. i don’t always tell myself the truth, i regularly find myself in front of the television with guacamole and a living room full of friends. i live my life, and i have a lot of fun, but i want to #takecare of myself.

and what’s here for me?

i’m writing about how making life changes and bringing my passion for organization and planning are helping me to take better care of myself. i’m publishing the recipes that are tried and true. i’m putting together e-books on how to take care of your home. i’m making easy to follow printables that can help you #takecare of yourself, too. and in the meantime, i’m learning to #takecare of myself.

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