gift and review disclosure

xoxonettaP is here to help you feel good about my body by reading about my journey. i’ve been a size 10, and i’ve been a size 20, and as i go on my journey of life, i’m excited to be able to review products that are sent to me by companies that you might be interested in. a lot of these products, i’d probably want to buy anyway, and i don’t accept cash to write reviews.

i do accept sponsorship of posts and post links to companies that have paid for sponsored posts, but those posts are clearly marked as sponsored, and any information written in the post is my true and honest opinion. i identify any and all products that have been gifted to me as such, in compliance with FTC guidelines.

affiliate disclosure

because i want to be sure that we’re all on the same page when it comes to what’s going on when you click on links out to products, i do have affiliate advertising relationships with a lot of larger retailers. i receive commission from affiliate partners when you click and then buy products on those retailers’ websites. (ps – this is how i make money for the time that i spend working on this blog, so i THANK YOU dearly for clicking through on links on the blog if you’re going to make a purchase. i really appreciate it!)

i am including, effective august 6, 2012, a little disclosure call out on my posts that include affiliate links. please also know that all of my shops are linked to affiliates, as well. i would never link you to anything that i wouldn’t actually buy (some of the stuff i link to – i already own!), and i actually curate and choose pieces that i’m totally excited to see people buy, too.

i am also actively seeking membership in an ad network called BlogHer, and i will be paid for each impression of their advertising that appears on xoxonettaP, and i’ll receive additional compensation when readers click on an ad. i’m also actively seeking membership on the BlogHer TV network, as well.

commitment to the xoxonettaP mission

my goal is to help you ladies and young women know how to love your body, love your mind, love your emotions, and deal with all of them. as i exercise, try new ways of thinking, being, and doing, try new ways of dressing and being myself … i’m hoping that i can help you get closer to those new ways. and i have these affiliate links and blognetwork ads in order to be able to share these stories with you and financially support myself. thank you for helping me to achieve my dreams!

also, please know that i am contacted on a regular basis to promote products and services that don’t make sense for this journey, and i politely decline them after exploring them earnestly. if you like what you see on xoxonettaP.com or on my YouTube channel, then please click through on the links to products and in the shop. this is how i can afford to keep writing this information and creating videos. <3

and thank you to already pretty for inspiring this disclosure statement during BlogHer 2012 in NYC. you are truly an inspiration, and i could not have written such an eloquent disclosure statement without borrowing heavily from your efforts.