Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Review: Before

have you ever wondered if those cleaning systems with the little brushes on them are actually worth the money? well, i’ve tried out several of them. the neutrogena one that i bought at duane reade was quickly tossed aside as it made my skin feel kind of like sand paper and didn’t seem to be worth all the little replacement pads that i had to buy in order to use it on a regular basis. (check that one out here: Neutrogena Wave Sonic Power Cleanser with 14 Foaming Pads) that one came with “foaming pads,” so even though it would appear to be a money-saving $11.14, every time you use a pad, you’re one step closer to having to buy 30 more at $5.79. and they didn’t really seem to be doing that much for my face. i certainly wasn’t jazzed about using it. enter … the clarisonic mia 2. read more Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Review: Before

5 Ways to Combat Chub Rub: Legs Rub Together

do your legs rub together? be honest. everyone’s legs rub together, for the most part, and it is SO ANNOYING in the summer time. at least for me, i have used just about everything you can think of to use down there to prevent it from chafing and getting red and raw. because then you just break out in a rash and that is neither sexy nor comfortable. so, how do i prevent it? read more 5 Ways to Combat Chub Rub: Legs Rub Together

Essie Nail Polish: Bikini So Teeny

i’ve been wearing this beautiful blue color of nail polish on my toes to kick off summer (pun intended). tons of people have complimented me and asked me what color it is. now i’m giving it up!

it’s essie’s bikini so teeny! i’ve got it available in the xoxonettaP beauty shop (where i’ve got some other beauty products and polishes that i love). i’ve had it on for 3 weeks now, and it’s starting to chip off at this point, but it’s lasted pretty well. good quality polishes and such a sweet color for summer on the toes or the fingertips! it’s such a beautiful blue sky color, and what you see in the bottle is what you get on the toes. that’s what i look for in a polish.

what colors are you excited to rock on your toes this summer? sandal weather at last!


12 Days of Christmas: Day 6

ah yes, day 6 of the 12 days of christmas here on xoxonettaP, and we’ve arrived at the beauty and makeup portion of our shopping event. speaking of makeup and beauty, have you visited the xoxonettaP beauty and makeup shop? it’s right here (and it’s totally calling your name. you can’t hear it? maybe you should click the link and then you’ll hear your name as clear as a bell!).

makeup and beauty products are often the perfect gift to get someone who you know really well, know sort of well, or don’t know at all. you just have to look at their faces, usually, to see what kind of makeup they wear (if any at all), and you can give them a good sniff next time you see them to be able to tell what sort of scents they might be into. my all-time favorite, from my teenage-hood set of beauty products is from lush. now, when i started using lush products, they were still only available in london, but i went away to study abroad one semester and fell in love with bath bombs, handmade beauty products, and roses in everything. they make the PERFECT stocking stuffer items, and also great secret santa gifts. what are my favorites?

bath bombs.

the sex bath bomb
was, naturally, one of the first lush bath bombs i tried. i mean, come on, i was 19, i wanted to be sexy, and i certainly wanted to SMELL like i knew what sexy was. whether or not jasmine is really sexy, i don’t know, but look at how sexy the bomb looks. ok, don’t look too closely. but don’t you just want to lean into your screen and sniff it?

the rose queen is exactly what it sounds like. full of roses and fit for a queen. the thought of rose petals appearing in my bathtub after a bath is more than enough of a sales pitch to talk me into spending $5.

phoenix rising is exactly what the sparkle doctor ordered. it’s one of lush’s newer bath bombs, and i love the direction they’ve gone with it. it’s purple. ROYAL purple. fit for royalty. it’s dusted with gold glittery powder, sure to leave a kiss of sparkle on your skin, and it smells like spicy apples and cinnamon. YUM. sometimes i wish lush bath bombs were to eat and not just to soak in.

a lavender scented satchet is the perfect gift for just about any lady. first of all, nothing beats pulling out some new draws from your drawers and having them smell like the sweet scent of lavender. it makes getting dressed in the morning feel … pretty. this set of sachets is from crabtree & evelyn, and they’ve actually got quite a number of sachet products available in different scents.

i think the india hicks island night getaway bag is a great choice. and btw – you can get $15 off purchase of $75 or more at crabtree & evelyn with code AFFILIATE15. this set just screams expensive to me, but it’s really not at just $38. it smells like orchids, jasmine, palms and orange blossom, topped off with a hint of woody musk. i feel whisked away to somewhere divine, relaxing, and full of people ready to massage me already. you know what i meant.

this set is from nars’ holiday collection for 2011. it’s called arabian nights, and i think it’s wearable by loads of different women with lots of different skin tones. it’s such a rich palette of eyeshadow shades, and it’s got just a hint of sparkle for highlighting someone’s beautiful eyes.

maybe you’ve got a friend who, up until this point, has been scared to try a red lipstick? nars’ jungle red is the perfect place to start. it’s semi-matte, highly pigmented, and it’s got a “non-drying” formula. it was voted best overall lipstick by instyle in both 2010 and 2011. you pretty much can’t beat that. it’s a true red and very rich. nars is also offering free shipping.

yesssssssssssss. that is how i felt when i bought this for myself and opened up the package. i guarantee that’s how someone would feel if you gave this to them as a gift. i mean, come on. they don’t call it the makeup studio blockbuster for nothing. they say it has a $440 value, which i don’t doubt is probably a bit inflated, but come on. 197 different products. 96 eye shadows. 84 lip glosses. 8 eyeliners. 3 blushes. a bronzer. mascara. and applicators. MAKEUP PARTY!

what other great deals does sephora have? how about a free holiday sample kit with any $25 purchase! just use the code: PREPKIT. and, of course, free shipping on all orders over $50. with all this free shipping, i’m just gonna try out everything.



Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Challenge Giveaway

you remember how i was doing the kiehl’s midnight recovery challenge back in october? well, i was a bad blogger and forgot to tell you how it all ended up! here’s the latest update, shot this morning sans makeup and sans hair done in the mirror in my bathroom! (now that’s dedication)

my skin is looking GOOD y’all! the challenge was only supposed to be 30 days long, but i took it way beyond that. in fact, i’ve been out and bought the kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate because i liked it so much. and, as we go into winter, i know that it’ll keep my skin looking fresh and moisturized instead of chapped and flaky (, right?).

[beautiful packaging for a beautiful product. kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate retails for $68 in the 1.7 oz size (that's double the size of this one pictured!)]

[the kiehl's midnight recovery eye concentrate does wonders to leave you with lovely under-eye skin. it retails for $36.]

so, kiehl’s is going to let me giveaway 2 each of the midnight recovery concentrate and the midnight recovery eye. that’s 2 prize packs, and that’s 2 winners (and that’s a total value of $104)! and this is all in time for the new year. so if your new year’s resolution is to treat your skin better or treat yourself well, this is the perfect way to get started!  if you don’t want to wait to win, you can always purchase some kiehl’s products at the links above!

to enter, please tweet: i just entered @nettaP’s #KiehlsMRC giveaway to win @kiehlsNYC products! pls RT!

then, let me know in the comments below that you’ve entered. keep your eye peeled on your inbox on facebook and email on december 22, when i’ll be randomly choosing 2 winners. don’t forget to check the “other” section on facebook under messages. that’s probably where the message will end up!

that’s it ladies. hope you enjoy!