Dots Shopping Trip

have you ever shopped at a dots? i had never set foot in one, and i’d never really heard anyone talk about dots before a month or so ago. the folks at dots reached out to me and asked me to stop by a store in raleigh to shop with a $25 gift card. so, i took the opportunity to stop by and put together some outfits, check out the accessories section, and take a bunch of photos. (shout out to my boyfriend for the excellent help at the “shoot!”) read more Dots Shopping Trip

A Wardrobe Shift: It’s Warmer in NC

i just spent about 2 weeks in north carolina to train for my new job with this SWEET social media management software company called expion. (i’m so very excited about working there, but that’s a story for another post, although it’s closely related, okay moving on.) (oh, and bee tee dubs, if you work in social media or work for a really big brand, they might be interested in the tool. just get in touch with me, and i’ll be happy to give you the low down on who we’re good for, (we’ve been really, REALLY good for loads of gigantic brands, and we’re only getting better) and let’s see how we can help you.) ok so back to the wardrobe topic. *phew* read more A Wardrobe Shift: It’s Warmer in NC

Bras for Smaller Cupped Plus Size Ladies

**Editor’s Note: A reader pointed out that the Flatter Me Bra does NOT accept returns. I noted, incorrectly, in the video that I thought they did accept returns. Again, the Flatter Me Bra folks to NOT accept returns.

I talked about being a member of the smaller titty committee previously over on The Curvy Fashionista in this post. Now, I’m talking about it on video on Coco Perez. In the video in this post, I talk not only about the Flatter Me Bra, which was designed for plus size women with smaller cup-needs initially, but I also talk about some other options out there available for those of us who wear a cup size that’s smaller than a D. Is this an issue that you’ve been through? read more Bras for Smaller Cupped Plus Size Ladies

Summer Fridays: What to Wear To A Rooftop Party

One of my favorite things about living in NYC is the concept of Summer Fridays. Perhaps I’m a little naive when it comes to other locales, but we never had Summer Fridays in other places I’ve lived, and not every place I’ve worked in the city has had Summer Fridays either. I’m excited for this particular Summer Friday because I’m headed to a party at Le Bain at The Standard. That’s the rooftop bar with a pool that has seem some very naughty action in it, I’m sure, over the years.

I will not be wearing my fatkini into the pool tomorrow due to a strong desire to stay away from other people’s bodily fluids, but I have been thinking hard about what one wears to such a divine honorable pleasure as this one. I’ve rounded up some pieces and looks to inspire myself for tomorrow. I mean … I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard, but I have to look and feel cool. That means planning is a must. read more Summer Fridays: What to Wear To A Rooftop Party

The Round Up: Watch Plus Size Fashion News

This is The Round Up for August 14, 2012. You can watch all the latest news in plus size fashion each week (every Tuesday!) right here at or on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe! read more The Round Up: Watch Plus Size Fashion News