OOTD: Lazy Black Maxi

my boyfriend is up north visiting his family for a little bit and fixing his car, and so i’ve got a lot more responsibilities in the morning than i normally do when he’s around to help out. that leads to running a little bit late and feeling a bit lazy when picking out what to wear. an easy go to for mornings like that is a maxi dress. then all i have to do is throw my hair in a bun, add a headband, grab some colorful sandals and jewelry, and i’m set to go! do you have a go-to maxi dress or outfit for mornings when you’re not ready to put together your next work of outfit artistry? read more OOTD: Lazy Black Maxi

NettaP Instagrammed

When I shared with you my Instagram photos earlier in the month, I got a great reaction! So, I thought I would share again so that you can see what I’ve been up to. Follow me here! What’s your Instagram name? Have you tried Cinemagram yet? From BlogHer12, to trying on ALL the clothes in my closet to kicking my scale to the curb, to showing you what it’s like to do Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred as a fat chick, to asking you how I should dress for a rooftop summer Friday party … it’s been a busy August! read more NettaP Instagrammed

The Round Up: Plus Size Fashion News & Tips

here’s the round up! this is all the latest news in the plus size world with coverage of what’s going on in the blogosphere and in the fatosphere at large. all puns intended. read more The Round Up: Plus Size Fashion News & Tips

Fourth of July: Plus Size OOTD

i got into the spirit of fourth of july yesterday and put on this jones new york sheath dress in red. i love, love this dress. it’s appropriate for work, for a lunch date, for brunch or for a night out. so versatile and such a great pop of color.

[red lace sheath dress: jones new york from bloomingdale's]
[blue velvet shoes with bow: mel by melissa jube pumps from debenham's]
[white necklace: kate spade from bloomingdale's] read more Fourth of July: Plus Size OOTD

Sheer Genius: Plus Size OOTD

a little outfit inspiration for you! i love this sheer top from forever21 for the print. i’ve worn it so many times that it’s already got a little snag in it from my rascally dog, but the good thing about a print like this is that it’s really hard to tell! i’ve got this casual look going on for a weekend at the park with friends for a picnic. read more Sheer Genius: Plus Size OOTD