How to Have a Spring Yard Sale

Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

Spring Yard Sale Tips

Our neighborhood has a yearly yard sale—that means lots of deals all over our neighborhood! I was a late joiner to the event, but the day was so beautiful that I decided it couldn’t hurt to put a few things out while I worked on the porch. Sharing a few pictures of my things in this post, and below you’ll also find some of my big tips on how to make it all go smoothly. read more How to Have a Spring Yard Sale

Eloquii Plus Size Fashion Review and Haul

raise your hand if you’ve shopped at eloquiiicon. i went to a holiday event sponsored by the plus size brand that’s made by the limited last year, and i was sort of into the pieces that they had. i understood that it was likely they would have things in the future that i would really be into. then, tuxedo-style pants with a pinstripe down the side started to hit stores, and i also really liked the look of longer sweaters, but neither of those things was being done particularly well in plus size. then, eloquiiicon had a HUGE, hyuh-uge sale around black friday / cyber monday. so i decided it was time to take the plunge and order some THANGS at a big discounticon. (check their website for current codes to get discounts as high as 60% off some items!) this is the story of what i ordered – what worked, what didn’t, and what i hope for the future at eloquii by the limitedicon. read more Eloquii Plus Size Fashion Review and Haul

Labor Day Sales: JC Penney

I have always loved JC Penney. I grew up shopping there, I have found some of the best deals there, and I’ve got a ton of pieces from Penney’s that people always ask, “OMG Where did you get that?!” immediately upon spying my outfit. I have a theory, and I think the reason this happens is because a. a lot of people don’t even bother going into Penney’s b. they have a serious issue with rack appeal c. someone else should be dressing their mannequins. See what I scored in-store for the Labor Day Sale. read more Labor Day Sales: JC Penney

Labor Day Sales: Nikes & Sneakers with Dresses

It’s not really a secret that I have screwed up feet. I talk about my poor right foot all the time, and I pray regularly that the hurt will subside. It’s also probably not a secret that I’ve always been an advocate of CUTE sneakers with dresses. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it in a casual environment, and I’ve been getting away with it for years because I don’t care if anyone else thinks it’s cute. Don’t be scared to try something out just because someone else doesn’t have the guts to try it themselves. So, I went to Foot Locker to see what kind of cuteness they might have in store for fall that would go with some new dresses I’ve been eyeing. Here’s what I found! read more Labor Day Sales: Nikes & Sneakers with Dresses

In-Store Shopping: Forever21+

I showed you what I found at Lord & Taylor while at the mall in New Jersey earlier this week hunting down Labor Day sales for plus size ladies … now I’ll show you what I found in Forever21. And man … did I hit the jackpot in there! From silken-type pants (totally not silk) that look like someone’s fancy-ass pajamas to a bad-ass leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders, Forever21 had something for every type of ass. read more In-Store Shopping: Forever21+