BlogHer12: Fashionable Ladies & Me in a Video. Duh.

blogher12 was, in a word, amazing. in several words, it was absolutely one of the most amazing experiences i’ve had in a long, long time. i hope to go back to chicago for blogher13, and i hope that if you’re a lady blogger of any sort that you’re able to join me.

there were a ton of “mommy bloggers” and lady bloggers who are not mommies, and even some daddy bloggers at blogher12. i didn’t expect myself to connect and learn so much, and i also didn’t expect such a welcoming environment. to say the least, i had a blast, and i really felt like hey … i can do this! i can write and blog for a living. they think i’m funny out there on the internets. they read me. they may not always comment on my blog posts, but i know they’re out there! i get emails! read more BlogHer12: Fashionable Ladies & Me in a Video. Duh.

Netta P Instagrammed

just wanted to share some of my latest instagram photos with you so you can see what i’m up to in that part of my life. it sort of gives you an inside peek on things, no? do you post on instagram? tell me your username in the comments! i’m nettaP. duh! :D read more Netta P Instagrammed

Street Style: Paige from the G Train

i see ladies with fantastic style all the time on my commutes to and from work. today was no exception. i’ve decided to be bold and start approaching some of them to snap their pictures. i feel a little bit creepy following them as quickly as i possibly can but not too closely until we get outside. it would be weird to ask them before i get off the train, right? i want to get them in the best light possible (which would be outside). read more Street Style: Paige from the G Train