So Much To Do!

Some of you may be reading this post and wondering where I’ve been. Well, there’s a BUNCH of great stuff going on in my life right now that I’m attending to. It remains to be seen what will happen in this space, but I wanted you to know that I didn’t abandon ship for anything negative. There’s just so much to do, and I can’t create the extra time to write as fervently here as I’d like to. In the meantime, why not stop by one of my favorite blogs? Pick one from the list below and read away! See you soon – I hope!


Netta Covets: Michael Kors Studded Sweater

Studded shoulders. Why? Why not. Michael Kors is bringing it to us for fall with this sweater! It’s got gold-studded patches on the top of each shoulder. Just a little dusting of studs. Enough to toughen up a pencil skirt, understated enough to pair with a pair of leopard pants. Click “Read More” to see if bigger! read more Netta Covets: Michael Kors Studded Sweater

Netta Covets: Raspberry Animal Print Cross Front Dress

This is a great dress for the fall season. It’s animal print, which is totally going to be everywhere this fall and winter, and it’s office appropriate without being too boring. I would say this is the perfect dress to throw on for Friday at the office with some black tights and black booties. What say you? You could put a blazer on top, too, if you get cold at the office or need more coverage due to the changing weather. This one will totally go into night, as well. Particularly if you have an after-work event to get to with cocktails and cuties.  read more Netta Covets: Raspberry Animal Print Cross Front Dress

Summer Fridays: What to Wear To A Rooftop Party

One of my favorite things about living in NYC is the concept of Summer Fridays. Perhaps I’m a little naive when it comes to other locales, but we never had Summer Fridays in other places I’ve lived, and not every place I’ve worked in the city has had Summer Fridays either. I’m excited for this particular Summer Friday because I’m headed to a party at Le Bain at The Standard. That’s the rooftop bar with a pool that has seem some very naughty action in it, I’m sure, over the years.

I will not be wearing my fatkini into the pool tomorrow due to a strong desire to stay away from other people’s bodily fluids, but I have been thinking hard about what one wears to such a divine honorable pleasure as this one. I’ve rounded up some pieces and looks to inspire myself for tomorrow. I mean … I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard, but I have to look and feel cool. That means planning is a must. read more Summer Fridays: What to Wear To A Rooftop Party

NYC Plus Size Clothing Swap: August 22

the nyc plus size clothing swap is BACK. and this time it’s gonna be HUGE – better than ever. get excited! get your ticket!

this is the 5th NYC plus size clothing swap, and this time it’s being hosted by yours truly in partnership with kendra porter of honor you. read more NYC Plus Size Clothing Swap: August 22