Food – Mexican Quinoa Salad – 10 WW+

if you’re craving a mexican meal, or maybe you need some fresh protein in your life, this is the meal to make. it would have a lot fewer points if the serving was smaller (duh), and if it didn’t have 1/3 cup of olive oil in the dressing, but i eat this as a main meal, and i don’t think the olive oil is that bad for you … even if it does have a lot of points! it’s got yummy black beans, corn, fresh tomatoes, bell pepper and onions, loads of cilantro and spices. get the recipe in this post! read more Food – Mexican Quinoa Salad – 10 WW+

Food – Raw Broccoli Raisin Salad – 4 WW+

so. i’m confused … i was under the impression that broccoli had 0 points, but apparently when added to a recipe, it has points. this recipe calls for 2 heads of broccoli, which add up to 3 WW+. i was unpleasantly surprised to find this out, because i wanted this recipe to be 2 WW+ or less per serving. oh well! it’s still pretty low in points, healthy, and raw. and yummy! read more Food – Raw Broccoli Raisin Salad – 4 WW+

Oh God. We’re Talking About Food and Feelings Again?

we all pretty much grew up seeing that little food pyramid thing that schools had up in the cafeteria  i grew up going to weight watchers meetings from the time i was 5. i’ll never forget the time they asked everyone what was something you could do to reward yourself, and, being the complete ham i was and desperate for the room’s attention, i smartly raised my hand, and when recognized said proudly, “A COOKIE!” to which i was met with laughter, and then felt shame and then embarrassment. because i so thought i was right.  read more Oh God. We’re Talking About Food and Feelings Again?

Food: Tuna Boats – 6 WW+

as a part of my new year’s resolution to #takecare of myself and everything around me, i’ve been tracking everything passing my lips on weight watchers as closely as i can. over the last few weeks, i’ve realized that i can’t slack off when it comes to tracking alcohol, mayonnaise, or other little things that i sometimes conveniently forget to track.

one of the other big challenges for me is figuring out what’s fast and simple for lunch that doesn’t require me to buy a ton of things at the grocery store. i’ve always loved tuna fish salad (thanks dad – one of the things you did leave me with is a healthy appetite for this meal that you taught me how to make at 5 years old), and family members who have tasted my recipe have always wanted the secret to my tuna fish madness. the only problem with my recipe is that it’s loaded with calories and fat because it has boiled eggs and lots of real mayonnaise in it. well … i’ve created a lighter version that is also pretty damn delicious. read more Food: Tuna Boats – 6 WW+

Fat Chick Work Out: Part 1

I’ve heard before that because I’m a plus size fashion blogger that I’m supporting an unhealthy lifestyle. That I give women an excuse to not take care of themselves. I love being the first in line to respond by telling those people that hey, actually, I work out every day, and I’m gonna start blogging about that, too. read more Fat Chick Work Out: Part 1