Lane Bryant Shopping Trip

i made a trip to lane bryant, and i scored some really, really nice items for fall. you can check out the haul video here:

and here’s what i bought – all from lane bryant!

the a-wire tear drop earrings in blue – $14.50

capri leggings with studs on sale for $9.99

chain and faux pearl belt for $24.50

classic everyday belt for $24.50

hooded anorak vest by DKNY JEANS for $84 (expensive, but i’ll wear this as a vest and dress!)

seven7 embellished pocket bootcut jean for $79.50 – i have heard rumor that these jeans have a faulty zipper and that they stretch unbelievably.  think i’ll try them out around the house before wearing them out, and i’ll get back to you!

seven7 sequin pullover hoodie at $59.50 (it would behoove me to look at price tags before paying this much for a hoodie … i blame the sequins. they suck me in.)

supplice bodysuit for $39.50 – to be worn with jeans, skirts, and other things that require that smooth on top look!

velvet jacket for $89.50 – i actually got this in purple. and it’s divine.

that’s all for now! hope you see something that works for you this fall.  it’s all at lane bryant!



popup plus – NYC

i got a chance to swing by pop up plus in NYC on friday evening, and i met the delightful camille who runs pop up plus.

here’s what i scored:

this is the Plus Size High Waist Ruffle Tiered Skirt by jibrionline

you can score this on jibri’s etsy site, which also features some other fine looking pieces.

the skirt is really well made, and you can tell that the materials were are really nice, too.  can’t wait to rock this!  you’ll see it soon in a fall lineup outfit from me, for sure.  what would you wear with this?

i don’t think it will go with anything too well other than a tighter top. otherwise you’ll risk looking like a giant set of ruffles.

jibri’s also got some really cute dresses, too!

damselle fur vest - nordstrom

i’m usually not into faux fur, but i’ve decided to try something new for fall.  i snagged this faux rabbit fur vest from damselle (which now seems to be sold out from nordstrom, but you can still pick it up at pop up plus!)

the ladies at pop up plus informed me that all the straight size women that had been into the store really wanted this item, but that it didn’t seem to be that popular among the bigger girls.  i think that might be because it’s been hot, and trying on fur in hot weather just doesn’t seem all that appealing to the big girl.

good thing fall is here!

i think i’ll be rocking this with some dresses and tights.

last, but not least, this top from asos, which i’ve seen on several other blogs, and i’ve seen on rihanna.

this one isn’t available in a lot of sizes anymore, but pop up plus still has some in stock. i bought one in a size 20 (even though i’m a size 16), and i’m rocking it as a dress. it’s all about working with what you can find out there ladies!

now, i encourage you to support pop up plus – they’ll be in a city near you soon.  and if you missed this one, they’ll be back in NYC again before too long.  join their mailing list and stay tuned for the chance to try on all the items you love IN-STORE before purchasing.

and remember – everything’s 30% off, and today’s the last day! they’ll be open until 9PM this evening, and you can get there on the L or G to lorimer/metropolitan. they’re at 439 metropolitan ave just under the BQE.

xoxo nettaP