Plus Size Style Tips

a lot of you know (or maybe not?) that i’m doing videos on coco perez now! i’m loving it. but i wanted to share the videos with you here all in one place so that you can easily get back to the tips that have been posted on

how to wear sequins casually and plus-size valentine’s day outfits.

plus-size wedding dresses.

plus-size outerwear: just as you are jackets.

plus-size couture party dresses.

plus-size jackets for fall.

plus-size popup stores.

how to properly measure yourself for a bra.

just say no to chub rub. (aka ways to combat chafing)

halloween costumes.

tips for wearing rompers & jumpsuits.

keep your shorts from bunching up in the middle.

maxi dresses for summer time.

plus size summer fashion deals.

tips for dressing for a job interview – especially for plus size

tips on shopping for plus size beach attire

prom dresses for plus sizes

tips for plus size dresses to wear this spring

fashion for summer festivals.

plus size fashion questions answered.