#Grateful100 – Day 11

Medical Writing #Grateful100

Today I’m grateful for:


So this knee thing that I’ve been complaining about for … oh, I think a few years. It seems like the knee pain must’ve just crept up on me. I didn’t realize, until I visited the orthopedic doctor this morning and was prescribed an amped up version of ibuprofen (anti-inflammatories), that I realized how much chronic pain I’ve been in. I’ve just come to accept that every time I get in and out of the car my knee would hurt. I’ve come to accept that any time I try to go up the stairs or do squats or exercise at all that I will have pain and that it will feel bad. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to walk and move without pain. The doctor says I have fluid in my knee, and that he recommends these anti-inflammatories and a course of physical therapy. read more #Grateful100 – Day 11

#Grateful100 – Day 10

Ibuprofen Heart #Grateful100

Today I’m grateful for:


I get so many aches and pains. I get cramps, I have significant knee pain on a regular basis, and I get migraines. Life after 30 is a little bit more painful that 20 was, and I’m grateful that I have ibuprofen (Motrin, mostly) to help with those aches and pains. read more #Grateful100 – Day 10

#Grateful100 – Day 9

I Used To Think I Should Be Nice to Everyone #Grateful100

Today I’m grateful for:

Allowing Myself to be Myself

I’ve long since held back on the internet and in real life in honor of being “nice” to everyone and in honor of not coming across as rude, ever. I’ve also held back and let people walk all over me and then later beat myself up about it. Two specific things have resulted because of this behavior:

  1. I’ve denied much of the internet the pleasure of enjoying my riotous sense of humor. I LOVE a good laugh, and even if I’m alone in laughing, it’s so much healthier to express yourself … even if it’s not seen as the most ladylike behavior. To hell with all that.
  2. I’ve denied myself the pleasure of just relaxing my hold every now and then. Not only is getting walked on not any fun, it’s also really hard to maintain. It takes a lot of work and crazy brain to try to please everyone all the time. read more #Grateful100 – Day 9

#Grateful100 – Day 8

You're Not In This Alone #Grateful100

Today I’m grateful for:


Support seems to be a common theme of what I’m most grateful for these days. I believe that is because while I’ve always known cognitively that I’m not alone and that there are so many others out there that feel like they’re struggling against themselves, I’ve not always felt the support of an outside being. Finding spirituality and embracing a different way of doing things is changing my life. Providing support to others is also slowly changing my life, and I’m looking forward to (although with great trepidation that I might not “do it right …”) supporting others more. read more #Grateful100 – Day 8

#Grateful100 – Day 7

If You Want to Know How Rich You Are #Grateful100

Today I’m grateful for:

My Boyfriend

Words could not possibly describe how blessed I am to have my boyfriend in my life. We laugh together at everything, which is most of the time just what I need to do. He’s also very consistently calm about a lot of situations that get me all tangled up mentally. We’ve grown together in significant ways over the last 5 years, and I know he’s taught me a lot about life and I hope that he’s been picking up some of the good stuff I’ve put down, too. I’m so grateful that God had SeanP walk into my life via the internet, and I’ll never forget the first time I heard him laugh and I knew … this one is special. I love him so much, and that’s it! read more #Grateful100 – Day 7