OOTD: Crop Tops!


so, they say we can’t wear this, we can’t wear that, well forget y’all, ima wear what i want. and ima look good in it. amirite?

that’s what i said to myself when in las vegas and on the hunt for a crop top. lo and behold i was in the plus size section at forever21, and what?! what is that?! is that a crop top?! awwww jeah. but oh no, y’all. it’s a SMALL. that means:

it is from the straight size section it might be the only one someone was playin when they put it up here cause they prolly didn’t realize it was supposed to be baggy … this store is redonk huge. but i must have this.

major kudos to the folks who work at the forever21 in las vegas on the strip – they helped me track it down. i’m talking i talked to EVERY person that worked in that store from the manager to the new guy. i bought it in an L, and it had a funky pocket on it that would flap and … cause distractions. so i sewed it down. look at me now! first, i put myself all over the internet in a bathing suit AGAIN, and now i’m showin people my tummy. mmhm.

omg y’all my tummy’s out!!! like almost in public!

still pulling faces! but it’s almost time to see my tummy …

there ’tis!!

ok so the rundown on my outfit and all the item’s locales.

crop top is from forever21 – the straight size section tho. don’t go up in the plus size section lookin for it cause it ain’t there. yet. my shorts (which are lace) are ALSO from forever21. they were a recent purchase, so go forth and buy your own! my shoes are from aldo. they’re velvet, and they’re on sale. my leggings with the zips up the side are from one of my plus size clothing swaps. if you’re in NYC and want to come to the next one (it’s next sunday!), learn more here! my bracelets are from aldo (gold one) and jc penney (gold bangle) my earrings are from long ago and far away. no that’s not a store, they’re really so old i don’t remember where they’re from. my clutch is from aldo, also a recent purchase.

stay tuned for the video on how to STYLE a crop top.

x’s and o’s nettaP


PS – i know my blog is missing OOTD’s right? that’s what everyone loves. i’m going to make a concerted effort to do more OOTD posts. especially now that i’ve figured out how to set up the camera tripod on my own and how far back to stand. huzzah! soon sean-paul read more

Plus Size Round Up – March 23 2011

annnnd we’re back.

here’s the round up for the week! don’t miss the tip at the end on how to keep your jewelry from turning your arms weird colors.

what’s in it?

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OOTD: Maxi Dress

woo do i love maxi dresses. i’ve been wearing them for a few seasons, mostly in the spring and summer. they first started to pop up at target a few years ago in a sleeveless version that is smokin hot on pretty much anyone who wears them. i’m super excited to see them in style because that means there will be lots of versions of the maxi dress to choose from in-store.

including this version that i scored at fashion to figure. i like this version because it’s got this elegant knot in the center – i love a vneck. i DO wish that it didn’t go so low or that i had more you know what to fill the top out. no matter, though, the dress is comfy, functional, and super easy to accessorize. here’s how i wore it recently.

oo – and, yes, those are more doc martens. these are some brown buckle ones that i was inspired to get after seeing a friend of mine, soraya darabi, in a pair at social media week with a dress.

i love this necklace, it’s from lane bryant, and the bracelet cuff is from aldo.


xoxo nettaP

Crazy ASOS Sale: The Shoe Edition

the crazy sale at ASOS is still going on with items up to 70% off. here are my picks for SHOES. god i love shoes.

london rebel eyelet laceup boot. MEGA flippin steal at $25.86

feud argyle cutout wedge heels. $112.06

black bijou suede embellished wedge. $115.51 – um yeah. i’ve been obsessing over these ever since i saw them on le blog de big beauty. LOVE.

anger leather lace up wedge boots. $70.68 – these would be totally hot with tights and a sweater dress.

aldo verga suede platform lace up boot. $120.68 – i think you can get these cheaper IN an asos store. i had a model wearing these in a photoshoot recently. HELLA fierce. they’re one of those shoes that you don’t realize is as hot as it is until you get it on. yeah you know the ones.

carvela sapphire platform wedge ankle boot. $205.16 – for those outfits that are a little crazy and need a toned down shoe.

dolce vita hayword suede platform heel. $108.61

kg block heel shoes. $103.44

and now for the “if only that would fit my calf” edition of the crazy asos sale … irregular choice pretty pooch tassel back heeled long boots. $113.78

vivienne westwood anglomania for melissa marble wing platform shoe. i always wanted a pair of these in GOLD. $144.82 i might purchase these to show you what they REALLY look like.

those are my picks from the thousands of shoes on sale at asos. shoes always fit. at least while you’re sitting down.

xoxo nettaP


Winter Time Work Looks


it’s a challenge to stay warm on the way to work, look stylish at work with all those layers, and oh gosh – what if your office is BLAZING hot with the heat turned on high? just HOW do you stay stylish when it’s cold outside and as hot as fire in your office? here are a few looks that i recommend.

1. abby z trousers – these abby z trousers are great because they have a WIDE flat waistband. they won’t roll down and fall off, and they’ve got a slightly flared leg – to balance you out. they’re cut so that you can easily move, but you’ll look like you’re in charge with them on.

2. this top from catherine’s, the flames of paradise tunic, actually comes with a necklace. luckily – you can lose the necklace and go for some bolder jewelry. you can easily throw a sweater on top of this before putting on your overcoat.

3. this ruffle cardigan by DKNY jeans would look GREAT the pull this outfit together. then …

3. accessorize with this belt on top of the sweater, or lose the sweater and use the belt to cinch the tunic in at the waist.

4. wear some tights underneath your trousers for the commute. when you get to work, if it’s hot, slip by the bathroom and lose the tights until it’s time to go home!

5. throw some boots on underneath, and keep a pair of flats in your bag for work. i used to keep a few pairs at work, and some heels, too, just in case.

6. top it all off with a down coat. this one from land’s end has a belt – again, to keep you lookin stylish even though you’re wearing a puffer coat! it comes in sizes up to 3x. and, don’t worry city girls – it comes in several other colors other than ivory. (ranging from grey to black).

7. this necklace from target is a STATEMENT y’all. and it’s only $14.

8. try on this statement ring from aldo, and wear it on your pointer finger for that gossip girl look.

9. keep it classy with a pearl and bead and ribbon bracelet on your other arm. also from aldo, and also a steal at $15.

10. and don’t forget – your hands gotta stay warm on the way TO work. how about these adorable red gloves from aldo?

now, let’s suppose you’re like me, and you just … you hate pants. you hate them. and you wear dresses all the time, but that wind is stinging SO badly. here’s my still safe for work solution. and the extra good thing about this look? it’s great for a party after work, too.

1. this asos curve tunic dress is MEGA in style right now. and read more