Hot Pink Plus Size Suit from Avenue

Screen Shot 2012-05-06 at 12.59.27 PM

shouts out to alissa from stylish curves for this find. i am always on the hunt for pink pants, but alissa found a FULL suit in hot pink. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

you know i’ll be getting my hands on the same suit, and it’s from avenue, so you can go to the store and try it on if you’d like!

Avenue Plus Size Sateen Stretch Blazer: this blazer is hot! and it’s stretch, which means if you’re trying to do things while wearing it … you won’t be constricted.

Hi-Lo Hem Mermaid Skirts

torrid hi-lo black flounce skirt

hi-lo hems, aka the mermaid skirt look, have been everywhere, and isn’t it high time that you lay your hands on a skirt or dress with this super sexy hemline? i’ve found a couple of options for you below.

rachel pally white label spring summer 12 [plus size]


rachel pally is really bringing us some beautiful pieces for spring/summer 2012. i’m going to have some serious problems keeping my wallet in my pocketbook, i don’t know about you! if i end up with this wrap ruffle dress (which i’m pretty sure i will!) … then i will let y’all know how it fits on someone who’s not quite as voluptuous as the beautiful model they’ve chosen for the look book.

color your jeans: plus-size colored pants

Screen Shot 2012-02-26 at 2.24.21 PM

colored jeans and shorts are totally in right now, and we’ve discussed my quest for the perfect pair of pink pants before. the good news is, you can buy pink pants in plus size now without having to dye a white pair. manufacturers are finally getting the message that just because we’re plus size on the bottom doesn’t mean we only want to wear black pants. SWEET. so, who’s got what colors? let’s go over the options.

netta covets: bodycon striped skirt


forever21 plus has this bodycon striped skirt that will be just perfect this summer. i rock mine with a pair of little bike shorts underneath, and you can have the freedom to act like you’re wearing pants. almost. except you’ll feel like you’re azealia banks switchin down the street in a pair of converse and braided pigtails. or maybe you’ll wear it with a pair of boots and really turn it out. what would you pair this with? i mean for $13.80 … you might as well!

xoxo nettaP

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