Why Can’t This Kimono Be Mine?


ok, so we recently went over how obsessed i am with the kimono right now. and then i looked at this month’s plus model magazine. (which you should do if you haven’t already. it’s getting better with every issue, no lie.) and i saw this:

omg. PERFECT, i thought. not to mention that new look is incredibly affordable and now ships to the US. YAY. but then i get to the website and i see this:

there’s no where to select a size. and at new look. that usually means it’s SOLD. OUT. tragical! i guess this aztec knitted kimono and i just aren’t meant to be together … but seriously. if you look at that page, do you see any sizes available? let me know!!

i figured while i’m on their website, i might as well poke around and see what else they have that might make my heart flutter. here’s what i found:

this cable knit skirt. also on sale. still available in a few select sizes. would look incredible with black tights and a basic blouse and blazer and little flats at the office. mmhm, yes it would.

and a tunic dress perfect for going over some black leggings, with a pair of knee boots, a pocketbook with a chain going through the strap, and with perhaps a different belt. yeah, leggings can be pants if your tunic is long enough. stop hatin’.

i’m also newly in love with these perfect aztec print leggings. i’m not sure why. perhaps i still have some longing leftover from not being able to have the aztec print kimono sweater, and i’m channeling it into desire for these leggings. i don’t know. i do know they remind me of these leggings that jessica simpson has designed for tweens. see where you can purchase those for your hella stylish tween here. seeing as j-simps and sis designed those for tweens, perhaps i’m too old for these. but that’s a rule i’ve never followed … at least not well. *burns rule book*

and now for an OMG, what?! moment.

in case there’s the small chance that you’ve ever woken up thinking, “gee. you know what would really do it for me? leopard print pants.” i mean, admittedly, i had a pair of leopard print pants when i was in middle school/high school, and i thought they were the most awesome thing ON THE PLANET. so i’m not throwing too much side eye, but i think i might look better in this today (and maybe a little less like the crazy person i actually am):

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