Plus Size Fashion Round Up – April 28 2011


howdy lady bugs. ;) this week i got to show one of my videos in front of a live audience. i got to see how people react to me, and i had no idea that i come across on video exactly how i am in real life! i got so much insight from watching other people react to my show.

so, i’m sorry i’m late AGAIN this week, but maybe the video series will start just being published on thursdays!

i have some other really fun news about my videos, and i’ll share that really soon when i can! i’m so excited about it. whee!

if you’re looking for some outfit inspiration – THIS is the video for you. i mean it’s pretty much all OOTD’s! here’s what’s in the round up this week:


1. carousel horsey skirt made from 2 skirts – cupcakes clothes

2. super fly maxi dress from city chic – curves and chaos

3. flared jeans and a white shirt and feather earring – curvy chic

4. striped skirt look – god’s favorite shoes

5. jungle skirt – god’s favorite shoes

6. workin that flower trend twice – beyond sizes

7. where to BUY the stuff that was on pix 11 – madison plus

8. jessica biffi’s new plus size line – the fat apple

9. what does barbie look like as a real person? – mia amber

xoxo nettaP


Plus Size Fashion Tips and Round Up – Nov 16 2010


here’s the latest edition of the plus size fashion round up. i’ve been through the fashion and fatshion blogs and pulled together this video, which is a little on the longer side this week, that includes all of the latest on what’s going on in the plus-size fashion world. you can find links to everything that i talked about below. enjoy!

1. plus size shopping trip to NJ

2. re/dress indie+ post and photos

3. plus size pretty’s OOTD – love the skirt from gap!

4. more of this and less of that is doing a 30×30 challenge – want your blue skirt

5. love brown sugar’s look from fashion week

6. the curvy fashionista in a fabulous wrap dress

7. le blog de big beauty in leopard and a reversible cape

8. the curvy fashionista’s guide to quality

9. stylish curves features rachel pally’s convertible dress for target

10. runway revolution features the december 2010 cover of biba

11. madison plus features ashley graham in bust magazine

12. curves and chaos reader survey

13. five favorite things shows us career dresses

14. pink leopard print boots at XL as life

15. definatalie is now re-drawing runway fashions

15. evans spring/summer 2011 line – on the curvy fashionista and on evans’ facebook page

16. the really expensive barbie foosball table and marc jacobs silly bandz

see y’all next week! thanks for watching. :)

xoxo nettaP