Fall 2012 Color Trends: Bright Chartreuse in Plus Sizes

Gianetta Contrast Placket Chiffon Blouse in Plus Size Titanium Grey and Bright Chartreuse Green

Bright Chartreuse is certainly a shade that not everyone is going to look amazing in if it’s an all-over color. Those with beautiful chocolate skin will look great in this shade, however, so the pieces I’ve found that are main pieces will work really well for you. For other ladies who still love this bright color, keep your wardrobe fresh and updated for fall by adding it in the details. This shade is certain to show up in accessories, so keep your eye peeled. Is this a color you would wear?

Fall 2012 Color Trends: Rhapsody Pastel Purple in Plus Size

Simply Be Duster Coat Lilac Purple Plus Size Rhapsody Fall Pantone Colors

My least favorite of all the colors. Not just the Fall 2012 Pantone colors. But of all the colors, this shade of purple is up there with my least favorite. I’ve never been very big on pastels, and I kind of find them to be puny, but I suppose there are people out there that like them and look good in them … I’m just not one of them. Okay that’s not totally true, I like pastels when they’re in the details, but I just can’t get used to the idea of myself in pastel all over. That’s all.

Anyway, if pastels are totally your thing, then you’re in luck! Because Rhapsody Lilac Purple is one of the colors that’s officially a part of the 2012 Pantone Colors for Fall. There are some plus size retailers who are using this shade of purple as the main color – not just an accent. In this post, I’m giving you the best of plus size “rhapsody.”

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In-Store Shopping: Forever21+


I showed you what I found at Lord & Taylor while at the mall in New Jersey earlier this week hunting down Labor Day sales for plus size ladies … now I’ll show you what I found in Forever21. And man … did I hit the jackpot in there! From silken-type pants (totally not silk) that look like someone’s fancy-ass pajamas to a bad-ass leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders, Forever21 had something for every type of ass.

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Labor Day Sales: Lord & Taylor


I went out to the stores during the week at the mall in New Jersey to see what was out there that would be on sale this weekend. If you’re hitting the Labor Day sales this weekend, then I’ve got the details on what stores to hit, what stores to skip, and which pieces to grab before they’re gone. I stopped in at Lord & Taylor first.

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Summer Fridays: What to Wear To A Rooftop Party

Le Bain Summer Fridays The Standard NYC Urban Daddy

One of my favorite things about living in NYC is the concept of Summer Fridays. Perhaps I’m a little naive when it comes to other locales, but we never had Summer Fridays in other places I’ve lived, and not every place I’ve worked in the city has had Summer Fridays either. I’m excited for this particular Summer Friday because I’m headed to a party at Le Bain at The Standard. That’s the rooftop bar with a pool that has seem some very naughty action in it, I’m sure, over the years.

I will not be wearing my fatkini into the pool tomorrow due to a strong desire to stay away from other people’s bodily fluids, but I have been thinking hard about what one wears to such a divine honorable pleasure as this one. I’ve rounded up some pieces and looks to inspire myself for tomorrow. I mean … I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard, but I have to look and feel cool. That means planning is a must.

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