Catherine’s Has Free Shipping!

bejeweled tunic

catherine’s is offering free shipping this weekend for orders of $50 or more. totally recommend that you check this one out! click here:

and use this special code: SHIPW50CA.

here are my faves from their current offerings:

love this aqua bejeweled tunic. great color, and great look!


this one is a great look for work. love the studded details. sheath dresses always look professional, and you just throw them on and go!

this one’s a customer favorite, and for good reason! classic denim jacket. dark stonewash – love it.

and this skirt is actually a SKORT, but not what you typically think of when you think “skort.” this is their attempt to help you avoid chub rub by adding some knit shorts already sewn in. NEAT.

how classy is this textured bangle bracelet? it comes in gold, too.

which one is your favorite?

xoxo nettaP


Armchair Shoppin!

i really want to go shopping today, but i really don’t need to. so, i’ll be armchair shopping from here, and hopefully you’ll see some pieces you like and tally forth and shop for me? whaddaya say? i know i’ll be hitting the beach as soon as the weather will allow, and here’s what i’ll be wearing for the ride down – from my coverup (which means i’ll be ready to party in the area as soon as leaving the beach) to my shoes (which will totally show off my fresh outta winter pedicure stylee!), i am SO excited to pull out my spring time pieces.

Black Challis Faux Snake Belted Jumperso, things are actually starting to warm up around here! and that means it’s time to break out the rompers! this one, from torrid, has pockets. pockets are always a win, especially if you’re going to the beach or are going to be away from the house all day. it’s got a smocked waist and and elastic back and cuffs – so it’s safe to order without trying on. and that snake belt? it’s included. 5% off for shopping from THIS LINK.

Toya Olive Perforated Lace-Up Wedge Bootie (Wide Width)now, let’s talk about what you’ll be wearing with this jumper. these bad boys, also from torrid, are clear knockoffs of last season’s jeffrey campbell mary rocks. BUT, they’re on sale for $39.99, and i’ll definitely still be rocking this same style this spring. they are mad comfy and they look great with everything from jeans to crop pants to dresses to rompers and skirts and tshirts. batter up – get the toya perf lace up wedge bootie. even comes in wide width. hiyah!

Black and Nickel Faux Leather Wide Beltnow here’s a belt i’ve had my eye on for awhile. i totally believe that belts are important to any curvy girl’s wardrobe. seriously – they can bring a whole outfit together and make it look like you really put some thought into it. even if you’ve just thrown a sweater on over top of a tshirt and some leggings and thrown on some wedge heels. SRYLY! anyway back to this belt. i’ve not seen a belt like this made for plus-size yet, so i’m hoping to swing by a torrid sometime soon to try one out. this bring the waist cinching look to an outfit without having to get all buckled into an actual waist cincher or corset. again – 5% off at this link! booyow. i would totally wear this with the jumper to bring the look together for read more

Winter Time Work Looks


it’s a challenge to stay warm on the way to work, look stylish at work with all those layers, and oh gosh – what if your office is BLAZING hot with the heat turned on high? just HOW do you stay stylish when it’s cold outside and as hot as fire in your office? here are a few looks that i recommend.

1. abby z trousers – these abby z trousers are great because they have a WIDE flat waistband. they won’t roll down and fall off, and they’ve got a slightly flared leg – to balance you out. they’re cut so that you can easily move, but you’ll look like you’re in charge with them on.

2. this top from catherine’s, the flames of paradise tunic, actually comes with a necklace. luckily – you can lose the necklace and go for some bolder jewelry. you can easily throw a sweater on top of this before putting on your overcoat.

3. this ruffle cardigan by DKNY jeans would look GREAT the pull this outfit together. then …

3. accessorize with this belt on top of the sweater, or lose the sweater and use the belt to cinch the tunic in at the waist.

4. wear some tights underneath your trousers for the commute. when you get to work, if it’s hot, slip by the bathroom and lose the tights until it’s time to go home!

5. throw some boots on underneath, and keep a pair of flats in your bag for work. i used to keep a few pairs at work, and some heels, too, just in case.

6. top it all off with a down coat. this one from land’s end has a belt – again, to keep you lookin stylish even though you’re wearing a puffer coat! it comes in sizes up to 3x. and, don’t worry city girls – it comes in several other colors other than ivory. (ranging from grey to black).

7. this necklace from target is a STATEMENT y’all. and it’s only $14.

8. try on this statement ring from aldo, and wear it on your pointer finger for that gossip girl look.

9. keep it classy with a pearl and bead and ribbon bracelet on your other arm. also from aldo, and also a steal at $15.

10. and don’t forget – your hands gotta stay warm on the way TO work. how about these adorable red gloves from aldo?

now, let’s suppose you’re like me, and you just … you hate pants. you hate them. and you wear dresses all the time, but that wind is stinging SO badly. here’s my still safe for work solution. and the extra good thing about this look? it’s great for a party after work, too.

1. this asos curve tunic dress is MEGA in style right now. and read more