5 Ways to Combat Chub Rub: Legs Rub Together


do your legs rub together? be honest. everyone’s legs rub together, for the most part, and it is SO ANNOYING in the summer time. at least for me, i have used just about everything you can think of to use down there to prevent it from chafing and getting red and raw. because then you just break out in a rash and that is neither sexy nor comfortable. so, how do i prevent it?

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Catherine’s Has Free Shipping!

bejeweled tunic

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here are my faves from their current offerings:

love this aqua bejeweled tunic. great color, and great look!


this one is a great look for work. love the studded details. sheath dresses always look professional, and you just throw them on and go!

this one’s a customer favorite, and for good reason! classic denim jacket. dark stonewash – love it.

and this skirt is actually a SKORT, but not what you typically think of when you think “skort.” this is their attempt to help you avoid chub rub by adding some knit shorts already sewn in. NEAT.

how classy is this textured bangle bracelet? it comes in gold, too.

which one is your favorite?

xoxo nettaP