#Grateful100 – Day 18



Today I’m grateful for:

The Fatkini & GabiFresh

Being fat and plus size, or whatever you wanna call it, and also having a long torso (thank God I don’t have large breasts or this post might be a lot longer and a lot whinier) has meant that I’ve been destined to really not quite fit into any bathing suit for years. And yes, I know, most women hate shopping for swimsuits, but coming from the land of frump and “Oh my God … what is that weird skirt thing?” and “Really? That was the best fluck*ng floral they could find?!” makes shopping for a bathing suit a much bigger challenge. Pun intended. So today, I’m giving thanks and shouts out to Gabi Fresh and the acceptance of the Fatkini. That isht is here y’all.

Dear World. I’m Not Really An Hourglass.


there was an article published recently by definatalie on xojane entitled, “when activism gives way to advertising: how fat girl blogging ate itself.” god bless natalie for putting into words things that i’ve been feeling but have not been able to express. once again i’m entirely inspired by another lady blogger and the internet to talk about something i’ve wanted to talk about for awhile. 1 – why haven’t i been blogging as often recently? 2 – i want to talk about not being the “ideal” shape.

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Watch Plus Size Fashion News: The Round Up


This is The Round Up for September 25, 2012. You can watch all the latest news in plus size fashion each week (every Tuesday!) right here at xoxonettaP.com or on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Fall 2012 Color Trends: Titanium in Plus Sizes

Titanium DKNYC Plus Size Stripe Sweater

Titanium is going to be all over the place for fall. It’s extremely easy to add it to your wardrobe because it’s such a neutral accent color. If you missed the other colors in the Fall 2012 Color Trends series, you can check them out here: Ultramarine Green and Rhapsody. Click “Read More” to check out all the pieces I found in plus size and titanium!

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Netta Covets: Red Long Sleeve Grecian Maxi Dress


Now THIS is the dress to bring me into the cooler seasons and on into winter. It’s a maxi dress, but it’s no summery maxi dress with it’s elegant Grecian-style wrap and long sleeves.