Marisota has Major Plus Size Jeans


hunting for the perfect plus size jeans can be such a huge pain in the you know what. it used to be we didn’t have many options in terms of styles, fit, colors, pricing, but now retailers are really starting to get the drift that we want some serious diversity in plus size clothing – plus size jeans included! i have never shopped at marisota before, but i always love welcoming new retailers onto the scene who have something worth checking out, and they certainly have plenty of plus size jean options to choose from!

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color your jeans: plus-size colored pants

Screen Shot 2012-02-26 at 2.24.21 PM

colored jeans and shorts are totally in right now, and we’ve discussed my quest for the perfect pair of pink pants before. the good news is, you can buy pink pants in plus size now without having to dye a white pair. manufacturers are finally getting the message that just because we’re plus size on the bottom doesn’t mean we only want to wear black pants. SWEET. so, who’s got what colors? let’s go over the options.